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== Brave the Ways ==
== Brave the Ways ==
*Travel the Ways 1 time
:[[The Ways]] are useful to help find the quickest route from place to place.
:To complete this quest, follow these steps:
:#Go to the World menu on the Navbar and select The Ways.
:#Select a destination you wish to travel to.
:#All the quickest routes available will be given as options. Select the one you wish to take and click the green 'Go' button.
:#From the Travel menu on the navbar, select the option listed as a "Guiding to" the destination you chose.
:#Repeat until you reach your destination.
== Time to Toss the Dice ==
== Time to Toss the Dice ==
*Win 1 games of Dice
:What game would be complete without some way to gamble?
:To complete this quest, follow these steps:
:#Navigate to any city.
:#Find and click on the [[Tavern]] link.
:#Click the 'Roll' button where it says "Join a dice game."
:#Now click the green 'Toss the dice' button to see what you roll.
:#A new round starts every 60 seconds, so check back to see if you won.
:#Repeat as needed until you win.
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== Sweet Dreams ==
== Sweet Dreams ==
*Make 1 post in Tel'aran'rhiod
*Make 1 post in Tel'aran'rhoid
:[[Chat|T'A'R]] is a global chat page where everyone can talk to the rest of the players in the game.
:To complete this quest, follow these steps:
:#From the Messages menu on the navbar, select Tel'aran'rhiod.
:#Type your message into the entry field and hit enter or click send.
== Updated for v16 ==

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