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== Sweet Dreams ==
== Sweet Dreams ==
*Make 1 post in Tel'aran'rhoid

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Brave the Ways

Time to Toss the Dice

Prepare for Your Journey

The Outfitter sells various upgrades that will allow you to increase your inventory space and protect your stamina while you travel.
To complete the quest, follow these steps:
  1. Travel to the nearest city and open the Outfitter page located in the Local menu of the navbar.
  2. Select the Backpack option and click the "Change Gear" button located below to purchase it for 50s. This will give you an additional 5 storage slots in your inventory.
  3. Go to your quests page and click "Submit."

Bonus Tip: After you purchase a horse, the Horseshoe icon on your status bar at the top of your screen will show how many moves (stamina) your horse has left. When it's running low, return to the Outfitter page to recover it's stamina by feeding it.

Sweet Dreams

  • Make 1 post in Tel'aran'rhoid