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City Upgrades can be purchased by the ruling clan to improve the City. They can be built by going to the City Hall page. They are paid for with the coin in the City Bank.

Standard City Buildings

Each of these buildings is available in all Cities. Bonuses from these buildings apply to all players in town, not just the ruling clan. Each building can be upgraded to level 5, increasing it's bonuses and giving higher boosts to the city's population.

Building Name Bonus
Stable -3x% Outfitter Costs
Forge -2x% Repair Costs
Arena -10% Wait time between duels
Barracks +2x Extra slots in Clan shops
Bank +2% Max Bank Deposit
Square -2% Consumable Costs

Building Cost and Population Bonuses

Level Cost Population Bonus
1 2g 50s 10
2 17g 50s 25
3 40g 45
4 70g 70
5 120g 100
Unique 200g 200

Unique City Buildings

Each city has 2 of it's own unique buildings. These buildings only have 1 level, but have a much higher cost and bonuses associated with them (see the 'Unique' listing on the table above). In addition to the bonuses that apply to all players, unique buildings also have bonuses that apply only to members of the ruling clan. These clan bonuses are applied everywhere, not just in the ruled city.

Most cities (18 of the 24) have 1 building whose City Bonus will be "5% off " an item type. The item type is the same as the type that can be maxed out at the shop. This discount is applied after the clan and city shares are figured out, so this doesn't reduce the clan/city incomes for selling these. Since there are 2 cities that can max out each item type, that means there will be 2 cities that get that bonus. All other bonuses on unique buildings are unique.

City Building City Bonus Clan Bonus
Amador The Fortress of Light 10 Silver for Player Quests +5% damage vs. Channelers NPCs
Seranda Palace -5% Sword Price 5% Sword Damage
Bandar Eban The Terhana Library -10% Business upgrade cost -5% Business upgrade cost
Arandi Square 5% off Shields -3% Shield cost
Caemlyn The Royal Palace -5% Body Armor Price -3% Body Armor Cost
Academy of the Rose -10% Shop Stock Cost -5% Shop Stock Cost
Cairhien School of Cairhien +5% Farming Speed +5% Farming Speed
Sun Palace 5% off Knives +5% Knife damage
Cantorin Cantorin Harbor -5% Drink Price 5% def vs Exotics
Shipyards 5% Shipping Speed 5% Shipping Speed
Chachin Aesdaishar Palace -5% Bow Price -3% Bow Cost
Bridge of Sunrise 5% Mining Speed 5% Mining Speed
Ebou Dar Tarasin Palace -5% Knife Price -3% Knife Cost
Circut of Heaven -5% horse and feed costs -5% horse and feed costs
Emond's Field Thane's Mill -5% Bow Price 5% Bow Damage
Luhhan's Forge -10% Repair cost -5% Repair cost
Fal Dara Fal Dara Keep -10% Inn Rooms -5% Inn Rooms
Dry Moat +5 Bonus Ji for NPC Quests +5% defense vs. Shadow NPCs
Falme Seanchan Compound -5% Storage Costs -5% Storage Cost
Towers of Do Miere A'vron -5% Herb Price 5% dmg vs Exotics
Far Madding Hall of the Counsels All Quests Become Neutral +5% defense vs. Channelers
Amhara Market -200 Ji for new Shop items -100 Ji for new Shop items
Illian Square of Tammaz 10 Silver Bonus for Item Quests 5% dmg vs Ruffians
Bridge of Flowers 5% off Axes 5% Axe Dmg
Jehannah The Jheda Palace -5% Axe Price -3% Axe Costs
Light Blessed Throne All Quests become Light 5% def vs Ruffians
Lugard Commerce Grounds 4 Slots in Clan Shop 2 Slots in Clan Shop
The Inner Walls 5% off Shields +5% Shield defense
Maradon The Camp -5% off Leg Armor Cost -3% off Leg Armor Cost
Cordamora Palace +50 Silver Mark Bonus for Find Quests +5% damage vs Military NPCs
Mayene Oilfish Shoals -5% Leg Armor Price 5% Leg Armor def
Hospital 5% Consumable Quality 5% Consumable Quality
Rhuidean The Great Plaza -5% Spear Price -3% Spear cost
Chaendaer Bonus Ji for Find Quests +5% damage vs Animals
Salidar The Little Tower Bonus Ji for Item Quests 5% Weave Dmg
Pigeon Coops 2 additional quests in city +2 order added hourly to ruled cities
Shol Arbela WatchTowers 10% more time between duels 5% dmg vs Shadow NPCs
Bell Foundry -5% Sword Price -3% Sword Cost
Stedding Shangtai The Stump -5% Bludgeon Cost -3% Bludgeon Cost
The Great Trees 1 Stamina Regeneration per hour 5% defense vs. Animal
Tanchico The Panarch's Palace -5% Bludgeon Cost 5% Bludgeon dmg
Illuminator's Chapter House 5% Consumable Speed 5% Consumable Speed
Tar Valon The White Tower -5% Food Price -3% Weave cost
The Warder Yard Bonus Ji for Player quests 5 city defense hourly in ruled cities
Tear The Stone of Tear 50 Silver Bonus for NPC quests +5% defense vs. Military
The Maule -5% Spear Price +5% Spear dmg
Thakan'dar The Forges -5% Body Armor Price +5% Body Armor Defense
Pit of Doom All Quests become Shadow 2 Chaos hourly to enemy cities

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