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Below is a list of all the current item stats and what their effects are.


Damage Min — Damage Max = base attack damage

±Damage% = multiplies calculated attack damage by x%


Block min — Block max = base damage blocking

±Defense% = +Defense% reduces opponents Damage%. -Defense% increases opponent's Damage%


Speed = Used to determine battle order. Effects rate at which the a player's "speed total" increases. The player with highest speed total attacks first. Easiest way to explain the system is an example:

Player A has a speed of 5 and Player B has a speed of 8. Player B would attack first. At the end of Player B's turn, 5 more get added on to Player A's speed total. That makes A=10, B=8. So A attacks next. Then B adds 8 more. A=10, B=16. B attacks next. A adds 5 more. A=15, B=16. B still has the highest, so B attacks again. A adds 5 more. A=20, B=16. A attacks. And so on.

In case of a tie in speed total, the person who didn't attack last will go. If its the first attack, the person attacking will get the first hit.

When calculating speed, all players have a base speed of 20. So if someone has +7 speed, the number that is used for calculations is 27.


Stun = 80% chance to lower opponents speed total by a value of between 0 and whatever your Stun bonus is. So if we continue with the last example, let's say Player A has a Stun bonus of 6. A attacks and stuns his opponent for 5 (between 0-6)That bumps B's speed back down to 11. B adds 8 to their speed total. A20, B=19. A attacks again, this time stunning for only 2. A=20, B=17. B adds 8 more. A=20, B=25.

First Strike

First Strike = is added to speed on the first turn to determine the battle order. The player with the highest speed/first strike will attack first (tie goes to the attacker.. After first turn is determined, the movement numbers are cut in half to minimize the impact. The player not going first gets half their speed (without first strike added back in, just to make it so +1 stun doesn't give double attacks. Easier to see with an example:

Player A has +30 First Strike and +5 speed. Player B has +6 First Strike and +10 speed. To start the battle, A=55 and B=36 so A goes first. Both scores get cut in half (round down), so A=27 and B=18. B then gets 15 added back on to make offset things. So at the end of turn 1, A=27 and B=33. Starting turn 2, B gets their speed added again so we have A=27 and B=63 (assuming no stun/wound). B goes attacks on turn 2. Turn 3 A adds their speed, so A=52 and B=63. B goes again. Turn 4, A=77 and B=63. A attacks. And so on.


Wound = 80% chance to hit. Wound is like a permanent stun (until the end of the duel) because it decreases your opponent's speed anywhere from 0 to your wound stat. wound does not stack though and only the highest wound is in affect. (ie- Player One attacks and wounds Player Two for 8, no other wound will count unless it is higher than 8.)

Accuracy and Dodge

Accuracy & Dodge = Used to determine the strength of an attack. For each attack, a random number (R) between 0 and 100 is generated. This number determines the attacks effectiveness. Note: The table below may not be accurate. Mainly this will just describe the concept.

  • R <= 0: Critical miss - 0% damage
  • 0 < R < 10: Glancing hit - 50% damage
  • 10 < R <= 25: Weak hit - 75% damage
  • 25 < R < 75: Normal hit - 100% damage
  • 75 <= R < 90: Solid hit - 120% damage
  • 90 <= R < 100: Strong hit - 140% damage
  • R >= 100: Critical hit - 160% damage

Your accuracy number gets added to this number, so if you have an accuracy bonus of 5 and R=72, then your hit will be a Solid one (77). However, the defenders dodge skill will be subtracted from this, so if they have a dodge of 3, that would bump it back down to a normal hit (74).


Poison = Randomized: 20-55% chance of poison hit on each battle turn (see Luck). When it hits, deals X damage, subtracts X from opponent's damage% and subtracts X from opponent's defense%. Fades by 50% per turn. No poison damage added on Critical misses, but any previous poison damage still applies (see Accuracy & Dodge).


Taint= Randomized: 20-55% chance of taint hit on each battle turn (see Luck). When it hits, deals X damage. Taint "carries" and "stacks" - If you have taint of 20, and it hits on one turn, the opponent receives 20 taint dmg on that turn. If taint doesn't hit on the next turn, opponent still receives 20 taint dmg. When/if taint hits again on a following turn, opponent receives 40 dmg. No Taint damage added on Critical misses, but any previous Taint damage still applies (see Accuracy & Dodge).

Health Gain

Health Gain % = Regain % of damage taken. Max health shrinks by 50% of difference between max and current health per turn.

Example: Player B has 500 health and has 10% Health Gain. Player A attacks and deals 100 damage. B=400. On B's turn he regains 10% of the difference of his current health and his max health. 10% of (500-400) = 10. B=410. His max health then shrinks by half the difference, so his max health is now 455. Next turn A attacks for 100 again. B=310. On B's turn he gains 15 health ((455-310)*10% = 14.5 . Round up to 15). B = 325.

Damage to Self

Damage to self % = Percent of your attack damage that rebounds back to damage yourself


Luck = Increases percentage of coin won in duels (base amount is 10% of opponent's pocket coin + 1% for each Luck point), and increases chance of item drops from NPCs (base amount is 50% + 2% for each Luck point). Doesn't affect quality of items dropped, just chance of drops happening.

Luck also affects if Poison and Taint hit: (40+(attacker's Luck/2)-(defender's Luck))% chance. Minimum chance is 20%. Maximum is 55%.

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