V18.8 End of Age Awards

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At the end of each age, the community has the option of voting to award unofficial titles to people. These awards are either not tracked in game or can't be because they're mostly opinion. If you have any more ideas about how we can improve these each age, please feel free to bring it up in game or on the forum. The votes are in, and these are the results.

Shadow creeps across the land and The Wheel turns once more. We must remember that this is Not an end, but an ending...

Non-voting Awards[edit]

These are the awards that are achieved by actions in the game, yet are either not tracked, or just not officially awarded.

  • With an alignment reaching 7,838,our Warrior of Light, Daniel Thor makes an effort to eradicate all shadow in his path.
  • All the finest work is done within the darkest corners in which we do not peek. Gregor Valehas has put hard work into becoming this ages Agent of Shadow, reach down to -7,784 in alignment.
  • Andorius Ethellen returns once more to hold his claim of Tournament Champion with 3 more wins to flaunt!
  • Andorius Ethellen always finds ways to stay busy between duels.13 titles were collected through his adventures, making him our Supreme Overlord of Titles.
  • Maintaining his status of wealth through the land, Daniel Thor remains our Net Worth Ninja. Racking up to 5435g, 68s, 86c! Hey, can I borrow some coin?

Voting Awards[edit]

These awards are opinion based and were voted upon to determine the winners.

  • Our tourney champ didn’t get where he was overnight. Andorious Ethellen’s vigorous training has named him this ages Most feared duelist.
  • With strikes in both Tar Valon and Shol Arbela, only one could be defended at its fullest by The Chosen. Shol Arbela remains in their hands, however Tar Valon comes across a bit of a badger infestation. Its excitement has buzzed its way into becoming this ages Best clan battle!
  • Dazen Lightbringer is one spicy redhead! And a dashing one at that, Best avatar goes to you.
  • Most Community Driven goes to the guy that never lets us rest due to his trash can kicking. Cheers to The Mors!!! for being sure everyone is looking alive out there.
  • Seitaarin loves to watch his students beat eachother up. His methods are simple and effective enough to land him as this ages Master Mentor.
  • Swambi of Subterfuge was an easy win, for the winner kept up on a hefty 20+ alts in secret, without fail, is a true show of skill. All bow to Lord Malakai!
  • This ages Geru of Greed happens to have a thirst for gold can never be quenched! You might want to check your pockets before crossing Andorius Ethellen.
  • Coreer Alexandria takes great joy in stirring the pot, and the world! And is named this ages Colossus of Chaos and Conflict once more.
  • Talion Greystone stands unmatched as this ages Lord of Light and Liberty, making sure the lights forces were strong and prepared for the turned as he lays waste to city defenses, making him this ages Slayer of Armies.
  • Duncan Bashere came with aggression and precision, and a hatred for shins. You are now deemed as Kicker of Shins.
  • Best Estate Name comes to a tie between HELP SHARKS!!! and Came here to fart. Maybe the farts will scare the sharks away? Give it a try.
  • Rookie of the Year this age happens to be...Nobody! We couldn’t find specific people to nominate because you’re all amazing. So this goes to all you newbies hiding in the grass, waiting to strike hard! May peace favor your sword.
  • Hmmm..Ebou Dar is officially ”Fresh outta dragons!” eh? What if this Best City Description award says otherwise?
  • The Infernals are a powerhouse that lets nobody stand in their way. Better hand over this Most Aggressive Clan award over before I’m next.
  • Making an effort for its luxury to be seen both near and far. Most Prosperous Clan goes to The Seanchan Empire .
  • Knights of the Golden Rose surely must be up to something, because they happen to finish off our awards page by being our Clan of Meddling.

Cheers to our winners, runner ups, and everyone who voted. Thank you for your participation. Stay tuned to see what's to come for the growth of Game of Stones!