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Past Game Versions Only[edit]

The following is from past versions of the game under the previous development team. The new team has no donation structure or donation bonuses

GoS is free to play, but there are some costs to hosting the game and such. For this, The Creator takes donations. Those that donate receive a few perks, but nothing that will give them an unfair advantage over non-donors, mainly bonuses that make playing more convenient/efficient.

For every $5 (US) that a player donates, they receive the following bonuses for all their characters for 1 version:

  • Save up to 200 turns (regular gain rate of 2 per hour, though)
  • Create up to 4 characters (instead of 2)
  • Access to the test site for the next release 1 week before non-donors.
  • Double Duel—Link from other players bio's to "Double Duel". Battle operates the same as a normal duel, but has all of the effects of 2 duels. 2 turns are used, double experience points awarded, and the double coin steal (regardless of winner, so you can lose double, too).
  • Alt Status- Allows you to keep track of your alternate characters via a tab on each of your characters' bio pages.

You can donate from the Login page, by clicking the "Donate" button on the navbar. Donor bonuses are applied to characters based on the email address donated from and the email address given when the character is created. If you wish to donate from one email address, but create your characters with another, email The Creator at from the email address you donated from to let him know what email address to apply the donation to. Please allow 24 hours for donor bonuses to take effect. If you don't see your bonuses after 24 hours, contact The Creator again.

Updated for v17[edit]