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Everything here is up to date, but this page still needs work. Someday.

Official Map of the World[edit]

A Flash version of the map can be found at:
Flash Map

Non-Flash Map Outdated

  • Amador connects to Black Hills instead of Garen's Wall.
  • Jehannah connects to Garen's instead of Black Hills.

List of Cities and areas surrounding them:[edit]

City North West East South
Amador Black Hills Forest of Shadows Shadow Coast Almoth Plain
Bandar Eban Paerish Swar Aryth Ocean Almoth Plain World's End
Caemlyn Braem Wood Blasted Lands Hills of Kintara Caralain Grass
Cairhien Kinslayer's Dagger Haddon Mirk Blasted Lands Braem Wood
Cantorin Windbiter's Finger Bay of Remara Aryth Ocean Shadow Coast
Chachin Plain of Lances World's End Braem Wood Black Hills
Ebou Dar Shadow Coast Caralain Grass Sea of Storms Windbiter's Finger
Emond's Field Mountain's of Mist Almoth Plain Forest of Shadows Paerish Swar
Fal Dara Tarwin's Gap Field of Merrilor Spine of the World Blasted Lands
Falme Almoth Plain Sea of Storms Garen's Wall Aryth Ocean
Far Madding Haddon Mirk Plains of Maredo Field of Merrilor Hills of Kintara
Illian Plains of Maredo Windbiter's Finger Kinslayer's Dagger Sea of Storms
Jehannah Forest of Shadows Garen's Wall Caralain Grass Mountains of Mist
Lugard Hills of Kintara Plain of Lances Mountains of Mist Plains of Maredo
Maradon World's End Mountain's of Mist Paerish Swar Plains of Lances
Mayene Bay of Remara Garen's Wall Plains of Maredo Aiel Waste
Rhuidean Aiel Waste Braem Wood Tarwin's Gap Spine of the World
Salidar Caralain Grass Hills of Kintara Black Hills Forest of Shadows
Shol Arbela Field of Merrilor Spine of the World Plain of Lances Kinslayer's Dagger
Stedding Shangtai Spine of the World Aiel Waste Bay of Remara Haddon Mirk
Tanchico Aryth Ocean Paerish Swar Windbiter's Finger Garen's Wall
Tar Valon Black Hills Tarwin's Gap World's End Fields of Merrilor
Tear Sea of Storms Shadow Coast Haddon Mirk Bay of Remara
Thakan'dar Blasted Lands Kinslayer's Dagger Aiel Waste Tarwin's Gap

Updated for v15[edit]