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The Message Center allows you to view and compose messages.

Up to 50 message can be stored by a player at one time. If a new message is received and the player already has 50 messages, the oldest message will be deleted. Message are displayed as a collapsed list by Sender, Title, and time received. Clicking on the message's title will expand the message to show the body.

The Outbox stores your previously sent messages.

To Compose a message, enter the recipient's Full Name (separated by a space), the subject (optional), and the message. Messages without subjects will be denoted with a subject of "(none)".

You can also send Trade offers from this page by selecting the Trade tab. Simply type a player's name into to the field, then choose an item from your inventory and price. Note: There is a 1cp minimum for trades, and you cannot trade with your own characters.

Updated for v17[edit]