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There are only 4 official rules, but they cover a wide variety of issues. This page is to clarify the rules and hopefully remove certain gray areas. Punishment for violating these rules is at the discretion of The Creator. He tends to be lenient for first transgressions, but don't push him or he'll make you an example. If he has to deal out punishments, he tries to make them fit the crime. He's glad he's never had to use his ban hammer, but he does own one.

Rule 1. I will act considerately towards all players.

- No foul language (if it's questionable whether you should use it, just don't)

- No sexually explicit images or language. A little innuendo is acceptable.

- No spamming chat or messages. Try to keep all in game public chat mostly game related. Deviating into Real Life topics a little is acceptable, but just remember that chat isn't your personal chat room. You can talk about what you want to in personal messages and we do have a Facebook group if you want to get to know more about each other outside of GoS.

- In character taunts are allowed, but don't let attacks get personal. This is just a game and the characters people play as don't necessarily reflect a person's personality in Real Life. The game should be welcoming to all. If you don't like someone, at least be civil.

- No hacking, use of automation software or macros, or other means of trying to give yourself an unfair advantage over other players who play the game as it was intended.

Rule 2. I will not create more than 2 characters (4 for donors) at once.

- This is pretty straight forward. The game has checks in place based on your IP address, but it is possible to work around this with little effort. However, there are additional database checks The Creator can do if someone is suspected of violating this rule. If you get caught, your number of characters will be reduced and probably not the ones you'd choose.

- If more than one person wants to play the game from the same IP address, contact The Creator. You might be able to work something out if you can convince him you're more than one person.

- The code limits that a player can have no more than 2 characters in the same clan (or 3 characters if the player is a donor). This does not mean you can just cycle your characters in and out of one clan. Pick which characters you want to be in a clan and stick with it. Minor switching is allowed, but constant switching or switching to allow running of battles at the right time or donating of items/coin is forbidden.

Rule 3. I will not create characters for the purpose of furthering other characters or clans.

- No transfer of items, coin, etc from one of your characters to another. The code prevents direct transfers, but it can be circumvented by passing to another player first. This practice was ignored previously but now is officially against the rules.

- No using your secondary characters to further your main character's achievements. Achievements are meant to be based on the actions of a individual character, not a group activity. Explicitly helping another player boost their stats for achievements or titles is also frowned on and The Creator may step in if he decides the actions are inappropriate.

- No creating characters only to run their battles, donate their coin, or other actions explicitly to help a clan before immediately deleting them. There are now checks in place to track deletions of characters, so this behavior will be easier to track down now.

Rule 4. I will report any bugs or exploits to The Creator immediately.

- If you notice any things that may be bugs or exploits that can be used to your advantage, notify The Creator immediately. Keeping them secret and using them to further your own characters or clans is against the rules and can result in punishment. If you're not sure if it's a bug, it's advised to report it anyways.

NOTE: Any behavior not explicitly mentioned here that is found to be unacceptable by The Creator can still result in punishment. He'll likely just give a warning and ask you to stop, but you'd better listen. He'll smite you if he has to.

Please report any suspected violations of the rules to The Creator and let him handle the situation. He doesn't like having to deal with this kind of stuff, but he'd rather do it than leave it to "Mob Justice".

Go Team!