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The Outfitter is where you can buy equipment storage, consumable storage and a horse for traveling.

General Information[edit]

This page contains the three lists of what you can buy. Each list shows all possible options (8 of each). You can purchase any of the options you can afford, without needing to purchase the options before it. So if you have the coin, you can go from the smallest storage to the largest. Purchasing levels in between isn't a complete waste, as half the cost of your current storage system goes to the cost of the new one. So if you currently have equipment storage that costs 20g and buy one that is worth 50g, it will only cost you 40g (50-(20/2)=40).

Equipment storage each have a required 'pull' stat. This indicates the pulling strength that is required by the horse that you have to pull the cart. Each horse now has a 'pull' stat to show how much they can pull. Horses also have a stamina stat to show how much stamina they have. The horse with the highest stamina doesn't have the strongest pulling power, so you'll have to decide between stamina and storage.

In need of quick coin, or just decide you don't need all that storage space? You can downgrade storage/horse options and get some money back. The same principle is at work here for upgrading: Half the value of your current option goes towards your new option. If the new one costs less than half the price of the old one, you get to keep the difference!

So if we reverse the example used above, you have storage worth 50g and switch to one worth 20g. You end up making 5g in the deal! (20-(50/2)=-5)

The way the shop is laid out, you set all three options (equipment storage, consumable storage, and horse) at the same time, so you can raise one and lower another at the same time, or raise all 3 if you can afford it.

Food for you horse is also purchased here. If the stamina of your horse reaches 0, traveling will lower your stamina instead of your horse's. However, the pull your horse provides to use your equipment storage is not effected, to prevent stranding you in the wilderness.

Note: City Upgrades can be purchased to lower costs.

Horses' Stamina and Pull chart[edit]

Horse Stamina Pull Cost
Foot 0 0 0g 0sm 0c
Pony 4 1 50sm
Mule 8 3 1g
Mare 12 2 4g
Gelding 12 4 10g
Stallion 16 5 20g
Draft Horse 12 6 40g
War Horse 20 4 40g

Horses have their own stamina so when you travel, the stamina is taken from the horses and not the player Pull is talked about above, but basically the larger the pull, the larger storage container the player can use.

Equipment Storage[edit]

You will need to increase your equipment storage, if you wish to hold more items then a canvas sack holds. The bigger the storage, the more pull is required by a horse, but you will also be able to hold more items and duel longer.

Name Storage Req. Pull Cost
Canvas Sack 15 0 0
Backpack 20 0 50sm
Small Cart 25 1 1g
Cart 30 2 4g
Farm Cart 35 3 10g
Wagon 40 4 20g
Carriage 45 5 35g
Merchant Wagon 50 6 50g

Consumable Storage[edit]

Consumable Storage is how you will hold your Herbs and Food that you bought from the City's vendors. They require no pulling power from horses, and can help carry more items, to boost your skills, as you battle.

Name Storage Cost
Pockets 4 0
Purse 6 50sm
Belt Pouch 8 1g
Scrip 10 4g
Small Bag 12 10g
Case 14 20g
Saddle Bag 16 35g
Chest 18 50g

Updated for v17[edit]