The Ways

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Need help finding the quickest way to the other side of the world? Then The Ways are for you. In the books, The Ways magically get you somewhere faster as long as you follow the right guidings. In GoS it's actually more like a GPS system, giving you turn by turn instructions from your current location on the map to any other. You can find The Ways under the World menu on the navbar.

To use The Ways, simply go to the page and select your destination and click the Get Directions button. You will be shown a list of all the shortest paths to the desired location. Note: Each path shown requires the same amount of steps to get there, but the further away you are, the more paths will be available to chose from. Once you've decided on a path, click the Go button next to it. Guidings will then be marked under your travel menu on the navbar. The guiding will remain until you reach your destination, or until you stray from the path.

Updated for v17[edit]