V18.4 End of Age Awards

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Ladies & Gentleman,

Boys and girls,

Trollocs and Myrddraal,

I welcome you all today to the End of Age Awards Show for the Age of Hordes and Heroes Lost. I'm your Host, Alex Duvaulle. It was long, it was bloody, but we gather today to celebrate the achievements of players and peons.

Voting Awards[edit]

The ballots are in! These are votes based off the opinion of our player base. *Best Avatar and Master Mentor votes have been recounted with a change to winners. The previous title owners are now placed as "honorable mentions" due to new results*

Our first category was for the esteemed title of last Age. The Age of Hordes and Heroes Lost. I think the title speaks for itself folks.

In our second category, the fiercest competitor of the Age, bloodiest blade, deadliest arrow, the Most Feared Duelist award goes to Rembrant Thierre. His name strikes fear to the hearts of anyone who hears his name muttered.

Some wars change the shape of the age in ways no one could imagine. The dual strike of Falme and Edmond's Field affected the game deeply for the remainder of the Age and wins Best Clan Battle.

Oh my, when I was asked to host the Awards I had no idea I would be winning an award of my own. I, Alex Duvaulle, am incredibly grateful to receive the Best Avatar award. No wonder they asked me to host,hahaha. And with well turned calves and a fearsome presence, Tyvor Daelowin takes silver and is placed as a honorable mention in the catagory.

Siuansong Revni, even when not in game, goes through lengths to see the games improvement and bring our players closer. She soundly goes beyond everyone's expectations of Most Community Driven.

Claidheamh Mor takes the honey cake as Master Mentor, and it's almost as good as Mistress al'Vere's! I may need to steal a slice of it as Alex Duvaulle is an close second and honorable mention.

Sneaking through the shadows depths and planting seeds of doubt along the way, Bal Moeroihan swipes our seventh award for the Swami of Subterfuge

Thomas Shinowa, time to get out of your pool of gold coins to claim your award for the Guru of Greed.

He's back again folks, but not to duel me. Rembrant Thierre, here to take the title of the Colossus of Chaos and Conflict.

A shining beacon amongst the darkness and a symbol of hope to the downtrodden, the Lord of Light and Liberty award goes to Cain Darksblade. Always there to unite forces and help lead the lights fight to victory.

A less than flattering title but intimidating just the same, Natalia Murdoch wins the Horde Whore award. First on the battlefield, her spear brings salvation to cities in peril.

On the other end of the scale, steeped in Shadow, the Slayer of Armies himself, Bal Moeroihan. He demolishes cities hope for protection from the shadows bloodlust.

Rollond Redmond spent many hours sparring with any man that faced him, no matter their strength or prowess. His long hours of training to become one of the most lethal fighters in the lands has been noticed by all, and wins him the award for the Kicker of Shins!

The Best Estate Name is a tough choice every Age. This Age came down to two tough contenders, and our winners are Whitebridge in Exile and Ana Forever. That being said, we can't choose where to have the after party...

This next award goes out to our Rookie of the Year, Rollond Redmond. His gameplay is fluent enough to easily mistaken him for a well seasoned player.

“Claid licked this… It's ours.”, sprawled across Falme has made us all chuckle at least once before wondering what Claid licked. In that regard it has won Best City Description. Try to keep the award dry, Claidheamh.

Oooh, watch out, this one bites! Mashadar, claim your award for Most Aggressive Clan. You let nothing stand in your path.

Legion of the Dragon wins Most Prosperous Clan, always has the finest armor and weapons in the land!

And for the final voting award of the night, goes to the Clan of Meddling. They did not meddle for free however. Bringing back the mercenary biz what their main goal through the age. Give it up for Shen an Calhar!

Non-voting Awards[edit]

The proof is in the pudding here, folks. These are awards are not noted in game but are well deserved.

First to kick off the non votes, we have Chimal Paendrag as our Warrior of Light. Every move he made went towards demolishing the shadows presence brought him to a final alignment of 7,729

Sower of discord, master of chaos and true a Agent of Shadow, give it up for Thomas Shinowa who managed to drop to an alignment of -4,764

Naturally, our Tournament Champion happens to also be our vicious master duelist, Rembrant Thierre claiming 3 tourney wins.

Good luck letting titles slip past him, we announces the Supreme Overlord of Titles to be Tam Tam! He collected 11 over the age.

Last, but certainly not least, Thomas Shinowa with a whopping 5730g, 48s, 89c total wins Net Worth Ninja.

Thank you for waiting ever so patiently for the awards to be posted. Cheers to our winners, runner ups, and everyone who voted.