V18.5 End of Age Awards

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Welcome back once again folks to the End of Age awards! Where the community comes together to determine the highlights of this wheels turning. "Children of Blood" is the name that holds closely to this Age, and with good reason. Seldom a quiet moment in the conquest for glory. Many battles won by both sides, many tournaments played and hordes slain. All finished with a triumphant shadow victory in the end. A riveting Age has passed and naturally, we move on to shining the spotlight on those who we felt moved and shaped the age in their own ways.

Non-voting Awards[edit]

Tonight we're are going to begin by announcing our non vote awards. Time to give recognition where it’s due.

Tyvor Daelowin brings in a total positive alignment of 7,639, making him this ages Warrior of the Light.

Now, for the other side of the coin. Agent of Shadow is a title claimed by Touya Housaki, managed to lower his alignment to -4548.

Here's another award to go with the first 11 he achieved slaying in tournaments across the world. Our Tournament Champion of the Age is Lord Kaldar.

You may not want to sit down just yet, Lord Kaldar. Acquiring up to 15 titles, you are deemed as the Supreme Overlord of Titles.

He’s on a roll! Lord Kaldar takes yet another title, Net Worth Ninja! 5348gp 55sp and 35cp in total.

Voting Awards[edit]

Now, onto the voted awards. The people have spoken! Now let's hear what they say...

As mentioned above, Children of Blood was the most commonly named among our players, and has won the vote for Name of Age.

The ground quakes and people clear the streets,Lord Kaldar is on the prowl. A bit too much in your purse and you could find the Most Feared Duelist taking all your earnings in a single hit.

Best Clan Battle is our next category, and its aptly given to "the week long rolling clan battle". Who could forget Ebou Dar, Rhuidean, Far Madding, and Tear all be contested and won by the shadow in a single week? The Light put up a good fight but The Shadow took this moment to show the world a taste of what it can accomplish.

Always the most aesthetically pleasing of our awards, the Best Avatar award comes to Rhapsody Fang (aka Julushko). Don’t let her innocent beauty deceive you, she is more than happy to use you as target practice if crossed wrong. Honorable mention to Bal Moeroihan, his stance is strong and deadly.

Age after age, the award for Most Community Driven remains in the hands of Siuansong. Her long hours of hard work and dedication could almost seal the award in stone permanently.

Harboring all newcomers! Cain Darksblade has put many under his wing and always has been willing make room for any who need his help. For that, wins the title of Master Mentor.

Looks like someone got his white cloak a little dirty. That’s okay, this award is shiny enough to make up for it. Welcome up Lord Captain Commander, Swami of Subterfuge.

Money talks, and both these contenders know it. The Malakai Clan and Lord Kaldar’s votes for Guru of Greed were tied. I hope you don’t mind sharing at least this one time.

You want a war? Well, Lord Captain Commander can deliver, and was likely going to beat you to the punch. He has been known to be the true Colossus of Chaos and Conflict.

Lords of Light and Liberty, Cain Darksblade and Cutlatch Mor, are both equally revered as the glue that holds the light together, no matter the challenges they face while sheltering the world from the shadows hand.

The title for Horde Whore was a category uncontested, as everyone knows the first on the battlefield is Sallie Daera She rips through any shadowspawn that threaten the masses.

The fist of the shadow and the leader of the hordes forces. Dark Armadillo, Slayer of Armies, clears the path to help ensure the devastation the hordes would bring.

A true master of various kickings, this Age’s Kicker of Shins title goes to Lord (Rubber) Kaldar.

I've got a fever, and the only prescription is Mor Cowbell! Both Mor Cowbell and the rousing Debauchery Tea Party win Best Estate Name.

Thorne Cordanabir shines through the sea of newbies with a willingness to learn and a tenacious attitude. Step on up, and claim the award for Rookie of the Year.

Rhuidean had a plethora of descriptions, we couldn't choose which one of theirs was best. All we can say is that they were all worthy of winning Best City Description.

Lighting fires and pillaging cities, The Children of the Light ran amok this Age with fire and blood, and win this Age’s Most Aggressive Clan.

Look at that gold glitter! The Legion of the Dragon has amassed quite a pretty collection over the age, and has gathered their 2nd award in a row for Most Prosperous Clan along the way.

Back again with one last round on the Leaderboard, this time with a bit more subtle dealings. This Age’s Clan of Meddling is of course, The Children of the Light.

Cheers to our winners, runner ups, and everyone who voted. Thank you for your participation. See you next Age.