V18.6 End of Age Awards

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At the end of each age, the community has the option of voting to award unofficial titles to people. These awards are either not tracked in game or can't be because they're mostly opinion. If you have any more ideas about how we can improve these each age, please feel free to bring it up in game or on the forum.

From tossing around the horn, seals, cities, coin and everything in between, Age of the Hot Potato comes to an end. With a victory for the Light, hot potatoes all around to celebrate. Here, catch!

Non-voting Awards[edit]

Starting off quick and moving fast, these taters are burning. These are the awards that are achieved by actions in the game, yet are either not tracked, or just not officially awarded.

  • The goody two shoes and highest positive alignment alignment of 8,928, Eserna Novara is named our Warrior of the Light
  • The other side of the coin, the Fang to the Tear, Agent of the Shadow, and lowest alignment Brutal Malakai ends with an alignment of -5,773
  • A true breaker of men, with up to 4 tourney wins under his belt by the end, Andorius Ethellen is our reigning Tournament Champion
  • Nathan Allen, with 9 titles to his name, becomes our Supreme Overlord of Titles
  • Amelia Paendrag, with 5005g, 59s, 97c in net worth. I can only imagine how many potatoes this Net Worth Ninja could buy.

Voting Awards[edit]

These awards are opinion based and were voted upon to determine the winners.

  • A whirlwind on the battlefield and a true terror to behold, Most feared duelist, Nyein dinMisieri takes the award, and any other shiny stuff she sees, too.
  • Best clan battle comes down to a close call in Fal Dara, Mashadar v The Black Tower. The Black Tower winning by only 7 points. This nailbiter of a fight will be talked about for ages to come.
  • To the Greystones brothers, Talion and Valdra. Best avatar goes to the both of you. Siblings love sharing stuff, right?
  • The Mors, what a rowdy bunch. Kicking trash cans as a subtle reminder of what happens when we don’t stick together, Most Community Driven award belongs to you.
  • Always one of the first to greet you in game Siuansong always has time to help newcomers and seasoned players alike. Master Mentor is your award once again.
  • A true enigma,Hansur Taliana is. His actions are unknown, yet we feel their presence. Swambi of Subterfuge goes to him
  • Taking from coffers but always wanting more, Geru of Greed goes to Nyein din Misieri
  • Colossus of Chaos and Conflict award remains in the hands Thomas Shinowa, second age holding.
  • Siuansong Revni can do it all! Fearlessly guiding forces through horde after horde, she wins this ages award for Lady of Light and Liberty. Between leading the light and tours through the Court of Fools, when does she have time to sleep?
  • Jerad Stormcrow claims to fight the hordes in the name of a lost friend. Using his unbreakable spirit and a swift spear, I think he made them proud by achieving the title of Horde Whore.
  • Coreer Alexandria takes any chance she can to cut down defences all around the world. Her determination shows us all what it really means to be the Slayer of Armies.
  • Nightwatch Barn is on the loose, be on the lookout! Who knows where this Kicker of Shins next target will be.
  • "Not a Darkfriend"...Hmmm, I’m not buying it. I’ll put this neat award for Best Estate Name on your porch, and wait to see who retrieves it.
  • Step back up,Hansur Taliana. This age, many ground breaking events occurred that required big shoes to be filled. This fresh faced newbie stepped up to the challenge and he never missed a beat! Rookie of the Year award goes to Hansur, for now that is. His experience grows by the day.
  • Best City Description is granted to Manetheren.
“Will the Heroes of the Sun die in the shade
Can Manetheren Glory ever fade
Can we cover her fame with dirt from a spade
Nay, not as long as the blood sings its tale to you”
-Excerpt from "Manetherens Blood" by Stan Davis
This poem was seen in Edmonds Field for most of the age, and won by a landslide vote.

Now, moving onto the results for clan votes

  • Like a pack of hounds on a hunt, the award for Most Aggressive Clan goes to The Black Tower. Ready to bite at anyone in their way.
  • From the best shops,top of the line advertisements, and steady city upgrades. The Elysian Empire easily earned its way to becoming this ages Most Prosperous Clan
  • And last, but not least, Clan of Meddling goes to Easing the Badger. Sticking their noses where they don’t belong, well fitting for the Badgers.

Cheers to our winners, runner ups, and everyone who voted. Thank you for your participation. See you next Age.