V18.7 End of Age Awards

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At the end of each age, the community has the option of voting to award unofficial titles to people. These awards are either not tracked in game or can't be because they're mostly opinion. If you have any more ideas about how we can improve these each age, please feel free to bring it up in game or on the forum. The votes are in, and these are the results.

Emerging from its depths with the clear intentions that the world be burned, they saw their victory in the end before the world knew what hit it! Shadow Rising seemed to be the bow on top of this ages fun and debauchery.

Non-voting Awards[edit]

As usual, we warm things up with our non voted awards. These are the awards that are achieved by actions in the game, yet are either not tracked, or just not officially awarded.

  • A beacon of light shines through the stormy skies as Amelia Paendrag fights tooth and nail to become this ages Warrior of the Light with an alignment reaching up to 6,732.
  • Delving to an alignment of -7,707,Ragnar Bonesmasher is feeling close to The Great Lord as he becomes this ages Agent of Shadow.
  • In the first corner, at a towering 11 feet and 3 inches tall and weighing in at 610 pounds, our undisputed Tournament Champion, Andorius Ethellen stands. With 5 wins under his belt, he stands with his simple stone blade ready.
  • Wulf McBlood is our resident busy body and Supreme Overlord of Titles. Earning 12 titles places him firmly in this seat. Time to relax a little, eh?
  • Daniel Thor wraps up our non vote awards with becoming our Net Worth Ninja, investing up to 6373g, 28s, 2c. He's also giving out his top 10 financial secrets to riches in his upcoming book as well,so stay tuned!

Voting Awards[edit]

These awards are opinion based and were voted upon to determine the winners.

  • An overwhelming sense of dread lingers on the streets once more as Rembrandt Thierre roams. Seeing the way the townsfolk scurry, it seems that he's earned the title for Most feared Duelist several times over.
  • The 3 way multi battle of Fal Dara, Tar Valon and Shol Arbela only days before the last battle has won the award of Best clan battle
  • Talion Greystone and Coreer Alexandria are known to be some of the fairest in the land and are tied for the award for Best avatar. Looks like you have to share this one again, Talion.
  • With Alex and LCC working on the end of age wiki/voting awards over the past few ages earns them the title of Most Community Driven. We both thank you for your appreciation and promise to keep up the good work!
  • Lord Malakai signs off his final age by passing around his wisdom to all who needed it. Gifting your brilliance to all the shadow earnes you the title of Master Mentor
  • Step carefully around this one, or you may find yourself a mouse in his game of houses Swambi of Subterfuge goes to Jon AlJenn!
  • Geru of Greed barely scratches the surface. The shine of the gold reflecting in his large eyes could almost blind you. Best steer clear of Andorius Ethellen if you see that gleam,or he will find out if you have any gold to add to the pile.
  • The pattern seems to bend around Coreer Alexandria and the destructive aftermath is what makes her our Collossus of chaos and conflict.
  • Talion Greystone and Hansur Taliana have opposite qualities that seem to balance out into a strong commanding force of the light. With Hansur's level headed vision along with Talion fire to help drive. These two lead the lights forces in harmony and become our Lords of Light and Liberty
  • With her green fringed shawl waving in the wind, Naomi Anan is determined to keep the masses untouched by The Dark Ones influence, and becomes this ages Horde Whore.
  • Eager to rise the ranks of the shadow, he clears the pathway for hordes to lay waste,Maer Varna becomes our Slayer of Armies
  • Always willing to show their teeth, Touya Housaki fears no one. No matter how high in level or dueling prowess, he's sure to try and take a bite off ya.Kickers of Shins is a title that suits you well.
  • Best Estate Name goes to Desert Crabs and Darkfriend -->, hahaha. Wait, what?
  • This ages Rookie of the Year is going out to an up and comer that has shown a lot of determination and spunk, Izza Blackthorne
  • Zingers were thrown back and forth between the switches of leadership in Fal Dara land its spot for Best City Description. Surely one of the many descriptions make you smile.
  • Black Tower always seems to be poking at someone's ribs. They're good at it too! Good enough to become this ages Most Aggressive Clan
  • As wiley and fierce as their namesake, the Badgers dueled their way to becoming Most Prosperous Clan
  • As if the rib poking wasn't enough, the Black Tower seemed to be hungry for action, no matter where in the world it may be, and takes the final award for the Clan of Meddling.

Cheers to our winners, runner ups, and everyone who voted. Thank you for your participation. See you next Age!