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At the end of each age, the community has the option of voting to award unofficial titles to people. These awards are either not tracked in game or can't be because they're mostly opinion. If you have any more ideas about how we can improve these each age, please feel free to bring it up in game or on the forum.

The votes are in, and these are the results.

Non-voting Awards[edit]

These are the awards that are achieved by actions in the game, yet are either not tracked, or just not officially awarded.

  • Warrior of the Light:
The title for the lightiest lightster was heavily contested but in the end SiuanSong Sanche came out on top as the goodyist two shoes in the Land.

  • Agent of Shadow:
Alissenn Moradis AKA the creepy mask lady that kept beating us up was by far the most dastardly darkfriend of the age!

  • Bastion of the Light:
Emonds Field the new capital of the world stood as a testament to order and progress throughout the age from beginning to end.

  • Cauldron of Chaos:
Stedding Shangtai was held by the forsaken themselves for much of the age. The Hall of
Servants wrestled control away from the darkness but was unable to save the settlement in the end...

  • Tournament Champion:
A heavily contested three-way tie between Alex Duvaulle, SiuanSong Sanche and Julushko Shizo. Though it's fair to mention that the Hall of servants hosted almost all tournaments.
Supposedly out of boredom. It seems blood sports really do keep the masses entertained!

  • Supreme Overlord of Titles:
Gabriel Malakai ended the age with a staggering 11 titles! But let's be honest we all know he bought them after hoarding gold the entire age!

  • Net Worth Ninja:
Money makes the world go round is what Gabriel Malakai said after accumulating an absurd net worth of 7520 Gold Crowns and the title of high Lord.

Voting Awards[edit]

These awards are opinion based and were voted upon to determine the winners.

  • Most Feared Duelist:
Amelia Valios, the one will all the dueling titles go figure!
  • Funniest moment on Tel'aran'rhiod:
That one Time Anastasia Flipped out after Siuan Stole her seal 3 hours before she could put it
in Emonds and have 4 seals to her name.
  • Best Clan Battle:
The Battle for Tanchico Between The Elysian Empire and Shen an Calhar. The fighting was down
to the Wire even in the last hour! SaC won by less the 100 points.
  • Best Avatar:
Alex Duvaulle Cuz shes just a big ol Sweetheart!
  • Most Community Driven Player:
Jenna Terrasdane was there every step of the way driving the community and encouraging allies
and enemies alike. Considered by some to be the game's new adorable mascot! Go Team!!!
  • Master Mentor:
Surprise surprise it's Jenna Terasdane Again! I suppose it helps having most of the new
Players... Though she was adamant about her own inexperience she was always there to help.
  • Swami of Subterfuge:
Out of the Darkness of a forgotten age creeps the madman who has devastated the light and the
shadow in equal measure. Seth Shadow now fights for the Elysian empire, but not even they know
his true intentions...
  • Guru of Greed:
Sitting atop their golden toilet in their ivory tower the Malakais Brothers laugh as they
throw copper pennies at the peasants below them.
  • Colossus of Chaos and Conflict:
Anastasia Draakanov, being the ever generous and brilliant Empress, was falsely accused of
being a dark friend by all her jealous rivals and enemies.
Seriously though I swear I'm not a darkfriend!
  • Lord/Lady of Light and Liberty:
Who else but the Amyrlin Seat herself! Jenna Terrasdane (jeez her name is showing up a lot)
single-handedly created the great nonaggression pact of the nations of light in response
to the Shadow Incursion spewing from the blight.
  • Horde Whore:
Andrea Mugen doesn't sleep. Seriously someone should make sure they're all right...
  • Slayer of Armies:
Seth Shadow even though he really didn't do anything. Talk about profiling!
  • Kicker of Shins:
Chayna Queldrama was a feisty little rascal, constantly smashing her face into any angry looking wall she could find!
  • Best Estate Name:
New Fluffy Town, a quaint little getaway currently infested with Sheep Trollocs. Honestly it's
not that bad.