Chapter 17 - Age of Total Darkness

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In Progress

Blurb about the age here:

Last Battle[edit]

The Flippin Shadow is Victorious!

Contestant Score

Cities that Fell and their Rulers:

Remaining Cities and their Rulers:

High Lords and Ladies[edit]

Those who achieved the Net Worth rank of High Lord or High Lady during the age.

Those who lost their fortune during the Last Battle will remain on the list, but their names will be stricken.


The following is a list of all the clans that had a presence in the age.


These are the final standings for the in game Titles


  • Hero of the Horn:
Most Experience
  • Hero of Honor:
Most Ji
  • Hero of Legends:
Most Achievements


  • Great Captain:
Most wins
  • Master Duelist:
Most Duel Wins
  • Master Soldier:
Most Wins vs. Enemies
  • Master Traitor:
Most Wins vs. Allies
  • Master Agressor:
Most Offensive Wins
  • Master Explorer:
Most Wins vs. NPCs

NPC Types[edit]

  • Slayer of the Shadow:
Most Wins vs. NPCs
  • Slayer of Soldiers:
Most Wins vs. Military
  • Slayer of Ruffians:
Most Wins vs. Ruffians
  • Slayer of Channelers:
Most Wins vs. Channelers
  • Slayer of Animals:
Most Wins vs. Animals
  • Slayer of Exotics:
Most Wins vs. Exotics


  • Legendary Adventurer:
Most Quests Completed
  • Legendary Protector:
Most NPC Quests Completed
  • Legendary Tracker:
Most Find Quests Completed
  • Legendary Slayer:
Most Horde Quests Completed
  • Legendary Guardian:
Most Escort Quests Completed
  • Legendary Trader:
Most Item Quests Completed
  • Legendary Samaritan:
Most Player Quests Completed
  • Legendary Recruiter:
Most of your Own Quests Completed


  • Heaviest Purse:
Most Coin on Hand
  • Most Thrifty:
Most Coin in the Bank
  • Biggest Donor:
Most Coin Donated
  • Most Prosperous:
Highest Net Worth
  • Master Entrepreneur:
Highest Business Value
  • Skilled Governor:
Highest Estate Value


  • Top Mercenary:
Most Duel Earnings
  • High Roller:
Most Gambling Earnings
  • Master Merchant:
Most Merchant Earnings
  • Professional Adventurer:
Most Quests Earnings
  • Most Professional:
Most Business Earnings


  • Champion of the Waste:
Top Aiel
  • Champion of the Leopards:
Top Altaran
  • Champion of the Thistle and Star:
Top Amadician
  • Champion of the White Lion:
Top Andoran
  • Champion of the Roses:
Top Arafellin
  • Champion of the Waves:
Top Atha'an Miere
  • Champion of the Sun:
Top Cairhienen
  • Champion of the Sword and Hand:
Top Domani
  • Champion of the Silver Stars:
Top Ghealdanin
  • Champion of the Golden Bees:
Top Illianer
  • Champion of the Red Horse:
Top Kandori
  • Champion of the Red Bull:
Top Murandian
  • Champion of the Stedding:
Top Ogier
  • Champion of the Silver Fish:
Top Saldaean
  • Champion of the Nine Moons:
Top Seanchan
  • Champion of the Black Hawk:
Top Shienaran
  • Champion of the Crescent Moons:
Top Tairen
  • Champion of the Golden Tree:
Top Taraboner


  • Clan of Honor:
Most Ji
  • Clan of the Masses:
Most Members
  • Hero of Power:
Most Cities
  • Clan of Wealth:
Most Coin