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When the Last Seal breaks, all hordes currently targeting cities stop. If they were still alive, the horde is considered as having attacked and the effects of this attack are applied before the Last Battle begins. No time for distractions. No more normal hordes will appear. No clan battles can be setup once the Last Seal breaks. Any battles in progress will be allowed to finish.

The Last Battle has begun.

Brief Description[edit]

The Last battle will consist of 4 parts. The first part is the battle between Light and Shadow. This will start when the last seal breaks, and will run for 7 days. This part will act like a clan battle, but world wide. Each player will be assigned a side based on their alignment, and will then be able to do whatever they can to help their side win.

While this goes on however, there will also be 3 phases of Megahordes. Defeating these hordes will help the Light, but failure to defeat them will result in the total destruction of the city it targeted and will therefore help the Shadow.

Phase 1[edit]

(Begins when the last seal breaks.)

Immediately, two cities are destroyed. All bonuses, businesses, shop items, etc are gone. They can still be traveled to, but nothing can be done there. These cities will be:

  • City with lowest population (based on upgrades and people in the city). Ties broken by order.
  • City with lowest order

In addition to this, 6 Megahordes will appear targeting 6 of the world's remaining cities from 6 different Wilderness Areas. These cities will be:

  • City with highest order (Trollocs)
  • City with lowest order ruled by the clan with highest Alignment that rules a city (Myrddraal)
  • City with lowest order of remaining cities (Darkhounds)
  • City with second lowest order of remaining cities (Draghkar)
  • Two more random cities (Random)

These Megahordes have double the health of regular hordes, but only cost 2 turns to battle instead of 3.

Players have 30 hours to defeat the hordes if able. Those supporting the Shadow should target these cities' defenses. If a city's defenses are completely destroyed, hordes remaining health doubles (sooner the defenses fall, the more health bonus the horde gets).

At the end of the 30 hours, if any horde remains, the city it was targeting is completely destroyed. All Estates in the wilderness that the horde attacked from are also destroyed. Points will then be awarded to both sides for armies/hordes defeated, and cities destroyed. A list of these Points can be found below.

There will be a 24 hour period to regroup or duel before phase 2 begins.

Phase 2[edit]

(54 hours after the Last Seal breaks):

Any city that managed to hold off the horde will be attacked again by a horde from the same wilderness (they managed to survive the first wave and kept the horde busy, but they aren't done yet). All hordes in the second wave are of a random type. The size of this horde will be (2-(number of times defended in the Last Battle/2)). So in this case, it will only be 1.5 times the normal horde size.

If any hordes were successful in destroying a City, all other cities connected to that wilderness not already fighting a horde get attacked by new hordes from different wilderness areas. So if for example Rhuidean was attacked and destroyed in Phase 1 from the Spine of the World, 3 new hordes would appear targeting Shol Arbela, Fal Dara, and Stedding Shangtai from other wilderness areas attached to those cities. These new hordes will be at full Megahorde strength.

If there are less then 8 hordes present, new hordes appear attacking cities with the lowest remaining order not being attacked until there are at least 8.

Players have 30 hours to defeat the hordes. Same consequences for failing to defeat the horde from Phase 1.

After the 30 hours are up, Points will be awarded to both sides and there will be another 24 hour regroup period before Phase 3.

Phase 3[edit]

(108 hours after the Last Seal breaks):

One more wave of hordes. Behaves the same way as Phase 2. Surviving cities are attacked again, though the health of the horde will only be 1 to 1.5 times the normal horde health. Cities around a wilderness that had a successful Horde attack are attacked. If there are less than 10 hordes present now, new hordes appear attacking cities at random until there are at least 10 (assuming there are 10 cities left at this point...).

(it was "with the lowest remaining order not being attacked" but in the second Age v18, we noticed it did not follow the Lowest Order chart, so without knowing the exact reasons that caused this, we settled on saying it is random. So this may change in the future).

Players again have 30 hours to defeat the hordes. Same consequences for failing to defeat the hordes from Phase 1 & 2 (city destroyed). Points will be awarded and the regular battle will continue for the final 30 hours.

Main Battle[edit]

(Begins after the Last Seal breaks and runs for the whole 7 days):

This is a world wide battle modeled after the clan battle system. There are only 2 sides: Light and Shadow. The battle will be set up immediately after the last seal breaks. Every non-destroyed city will have a link to the battle stats.

Players will be assigned to a side based on their alignment. Light and Lean Light players will be on the Light side and will be marked with a green flag by their name. Shadow and Lean Shadow on the Shadow side and marked with a red flag by their name. Players who are still Neutral will be split with those with a positive alignment counting towards the Light and those with negative (or exactly 0) will count toward the Shadow. If your alignment changes during the battle, so could which side you count towards.


Points can be earned in several ways. To see the current score, go to any surviving city and look for the yellow Last Battle link. Below is an example table of how it will look. (Example taken from version 12.)

Contestant Ji at Risk Score Total From
Duels NPCs Support Participation
Light 0 60071 305 4310 1456 40000
Shadow 0 32692 2247 3872 823 22750

Note: The Ji at Risk column is not used during the Last Battle.

Starting Points[edit]

There are a possible 20,000 points available for players and clans to earn before the battle starts. These will be awarded right at the start of the battle.

  • +500 to the Light for each city ruled by a Light or Lean Light clan when the last Seal breaks.
  • +500 to the Shadow for each city ruled by a Shadow or Lean Shadow clan when the last Seal breaks.
  • +1000 to the side that has the most members that are Lean or better (+300 or more for Light, -300 or less for Shadow)
  • +1000 to the side that has the highest level player
  • +1000 to the side that has the player with the most Ji
  • +1000 to the side that has the player with the most Achievements
  • +1000 to the side that has the player with the most Wins
  • +1000 to the side that has the player with the highest net worth
  • +1000 to the side that has the player with the most quests completed
  • +1000 to the side that has the clan with the highest Ji (If highest is neutral, no points to either side)
  • +800 to the side that holds the Horn of Valere.

Note: If a city is ruled by a neutral clan when the last seal breaks, points will not be awarded to either side for that city. It is also possible the Horn will not be in anyone's possession at the start, so those points will also not be counted.

Note: These points will go straight to the Score of the Battle chart.

Hordes Armies and Cities[edit]

Since battles against Hordes do not count towards the Last Battle or clan battles, there will be points awarded to the Light for defeating the hordes, and points earned for the Shadow by defeating armies and destroying cities. Points will be added at the end of each phase.

  • +2500 to the Light for each Horde defeated
  • +1750 to the Shadow for each Army defeated
  • +1750 to the Shadow for each Horde that destroys a city

Note: These points will be reflected in the Participation column.

Duels and NPCs[edit]

(Points for attacker only, no points for defender.)

  • -5 to +5 points from health diffenence:
= ((attacker % health remaining)- (defender % health remaining))/20
  • -5 to +5 points from Strength difference:
= ((attacker strength)- (defender stength))/20
  • -4 to +4 points from battle outcome:
= +4 for win; -4 for loss (half if in wilderness)
  • -4 to +4 points if a duel:
= +4 for win; -4 for loss
  • -2 to +2 points if defender is member of other side:
= +2 for win; -2 for loss (half if supporting)
  • No points awarded for battling on the same side (including Neutral players that are on your side).
  • If you are Neutral Alignment, you only earn 50% of the points a 'pure' or 'lean' player on your side would earn (so all the points from the above divided by 2, rounded to the nearest point).

Note: These points will be reflected in the Duels, NPCs and Support columns.

Horn of Valere[edit]

In addition to the starting points earned by the side that holds the Horn of Valere, more points can be earned during the battle. Every hour during the Last Battle, whichever side holds the Horn will earn 100 points towards their side. Doesn't matter if the player holds it for the whole hour or just the last 2 seconds. All that matters is who has it when the hour changes. When the Last Battle ends, the side holding the Horn earns a bonus 2,500 points.

So if you add that all up (800 + 167*100 + 2500), that's 20,000 points that can be earned by holding the Horn. There is a chance that the Horn may not be held by anyone at an hour change (due to it being used before the Last Battle starts). If that happens, neither side gets those points.

End of the Age[edit]

The Last Battle will last exactly 7 days. Once the Battle is over, the winning side wins for the Age. A message will be displayed on the Heroes page stating whether the Age was won by either the Light or the Shadow. The Heroes page will no longer be updated afterwards, so whoever held the titles at the end of the version will remain with them regardless of what happens afterwards. Net Worth titles will also no longer be updated.

Players will still be able to play with their characters (explore wilderness areas, do quests, level up, run remaining businesses and estates, etc) and clans can work to take over the remaining cities (buy upgrades, start tourneys, have clan battles, etc), but other than that, the version is done until a new age starts. No more hordes or battling for spots on the Heroes page.

The Wheel Turns.

Updated for v15[edit]