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When creating a character, you must chose your nationality. Each nationality has their own strengths and weaknesses. They have a Favored terrain type (+5% defense vs NPCs in these types of areas), a Favored NPC type (+5% damage vs NPCs of this type), an Unfavored NPC type (-5% damage vs. NPCs of this type), 2 professions that they start with a level in, and a starting location.

Note: All players also start with a level in the Merchant Profession.

Nation Favored
Profession 1
Profession 2
Aiel Wasteland Military Channelers Brewer Survivalist Ruidean
Altaran Hills Ruffians Exotics Brewer Tracker Ebou Dar
Amadician Plains Channelers Military Brewer Blacksmith Amador
Andoran Forests Military Exotics Farmer Performer Caemlyn
Arafellin Mountains Shadow Military Mining Survivalist Shol Arbela
Atha'an Miere Oceans Ruffians Military Sailor Peddler Cantorin
Cairhienen Mountains Exotics Channelers Cook Performer Cairhien
Domani Hills Military Shadow Cook Peddler Bandar Eban
Ghealdanin Mountains Animals Ruffians Farmer Cutpurse Jehannah
Illianer Oceans Exotics Animals Medic Blacksmith Illian
Kandori Plains Shadow Animals Cook Tracker Chachin
Murandian Forests Ruffians Shadow Miner Cutpurse Lugard
Ogier Forests Animals Channelers Medic Peddler Stedding Shangtai
Saldaean Wasteland Animals Exotics Miner Blacksmith Maradon
Seanchan Oceans Channelers Shadow Farmer Tracker Falme
Shienaran Wasteland Shadow Ruffians Medic Performer Fal Dara
Tairen Plains Exotics Ruffians Sailor Survivalist Tear
Taraboner Hills Channelers Animals Sailor Cutpurse Tanchico

Updated for v17[edit]