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You must select a starting class and weapon focus for your character upon creation. There are 5 starting classes and LOTS of specialized classes.

Each starting class and equipment focus has 5 skills that the player may upgrade using skill points earned as they level. Each level of a particular skill increases in skill point cost - 2 points to make a skill level 2, 3 points to make it level 3, etc. Players initially earn 1 skill point per level. At every 15th level (15, 30, 45, etc), the skill points earned increases by 1 - at level 15, you receive 2 skill points at each level through 29, at level 30 you begin receiving 3 points, etc. This steadily-increasing skill point allowance offsets the faster increase in skill level upgrade costs. Once skills are upgraded, there is no way to regain or reassign those points, so choose your skills/upgrades carefully.

After every 20 levels (20, 40, 60, etc) you will be able to add a new specialized class to your character. Each specialized class gives your character 3 new skills to customize your character's fighting style. Certain specialized classes are restricted to male or female characters - only females can be Aes Sedai, only males can be Asha'man. Some are restricted to race/nationality - only Ogier can be Treesingers, only Aiel women can be Wise Ones, etc. Other specialized classes are mutually exclusive - example: you can't add Fanatic if you're already a Darkfriend. To make things simple, the pop-up menu on the "New Class" tab of the skills page will only show the classes that are available to you, based on your character's current build.

Skill Explanations[edit]

For skill formulas, 'X' represents the current level of the particular skill for your character. Skills that add a range of straight damage or defense, such as Weaken, are notated using a tilde '~' to show the range, NOT to represent a negative. For example, Weaken's "+X~2X damage" means you will do 1 to 2 more damage per skill level. So Weaken at level 4 would add 4-to-8 damage. Skills come in two types - Passive (P) and Active (A). Passive skills are always in effect. Active skills can be turned on and off to vary your character's stats, to customize offense or defense builds, etc. Passive skills are also prerequisites for Active Skills. In the skill listings below, each Active skill is adjacent to one or two Passive skills. Active skills cannot be upgraded to a higher level than the neighboring passive skill(s) - the in-game diagrams will make this clearer, if you can't figure it out from these text diagrams. For example: in the Armsman class below, Offensive Prowess must be upgraded to level 2 before Poised to Strike can be upgraded to level 2. In order to upgrade Under the Banner to level 2, BOTH neighboring Passive skills - Offensive Prowess and Defensive Prowess - must be at level 2.

Starting Classes[edit]

These classes will only be available when you create your character. Updated for v18! (Nov. 10, 2017)


( class icon: Pennant )

Armsmen are your basic soldier types, trained in the ways of fighting. They are well-balanced in offense and defense.


  • Combat Prowess: +X% damage, +x% defense, +X/3 speed (A)
  • Poised to Strike: +x% damage, +x dodge (P)
  • Battle Tested: +x% damage, +x% defense, +x dodge, +x% health gain (A)
  • On Guard: +x% defense, +x% health gain (P)
  • Under the Banner: +x-2x damage, +x% health gain, +x dodge (A)


( class icon: Tree )

Outdoorsmen are used to living off the land, building shelters in the wild. They use their skills to get the jump on their prey and make their hits count.


  • Stealth Strike: +X dodge, +X poison, +X/3 speed (A)
  • Precise Movement: +X accuracy, +X dodge (P)
  • Natural Awareness: +X accuracy, +X dodge, +X luck, +X poison (A)
  • One with the Land: +X luck, +X poison (P)
  • Trapping: +X~2X damage, +X luck, +X accuracy (A)


( class icon: Horseshoe )

Wanderers travel the world, taking in the sites the world has to offer. They are used to watching their back and trust their luck when they have to.


  • Take No Chances: +X accuracy. +X luck, +X/3 wound (A)
  • Shoot First: +X first strike, +X accuracy (P)
  • Resourceful: +X% defense, +X accuracy, +X luck, X first strike (A)
  • Questions Later: +X% defense, +X luck (P)
  • Trust No One: +X~2X block, +X% defense, +X first strike (A)


( class icon: Aes Sedai symbol )

Healers are knowledgeable in the ways of medicine, using herbs help themselves and others. They also know the weaknesses of the human body and can use that to their advantage.


  • Quick and Painless: +X% damage, +X% health gain, +X/3 speed (A)
  • Correct Dosage: +X% health gain, +X poison (P)
  • The Best Medicine: +X% damage, +X% health gain, +X poison, +X stun (A)
  • Apply Pressure: +X% damage, +X stun (P)
  • Patience: +X~2X block, +X stun, +X poison (A)


( class icon: Skull )

Darkfriends are followers of the Dark One, many of which have sworn to him for the promise of power and immortality. Special: Alignment cannot become positive, regardless of actions.


  • Proactive: +X poison, +X first strike, +X1/3 wound (A)
  • Corruption: +X% defense, +X poison (P)
  • Mark of the Shadow: +X% defense, +X poison, +X taint, +X first strike (A)
  • Deadly Surprise: +X taint, +X first strike (P)
  • For The Great Lord: +X~2X damage, +X% defense, +X taint (A)

Equipment Focus[edit]

When creating a character, the player must also choose one of the six core weapon types for the character to focus on - Sword, Axe, Spear, Bow, Bludgeon, Knife, or Weave. This selection determines which weapon skill set the character gets. At level 20, instead of choosing a Specialized Class (next section below), players may choose an additional equipment focus - either another of the core weapon types, or Shield, Body Armor, or Leg Armor. These skills are available on the skill page, on a separate tab from the starting class skills. Equipment focus skill trees include 2 Passive skills and 3 Active skills, with the same type of dependencies as starting class skill trees. The exception is Weave, which includes 5 Passive skills, without dependencies. The are some restrictions that apply to weapon focus based on the character's nationality (ex. Aiel can't choose Swords).

Updated for v18! (Nov. 10, 2017)

Weave Focus[edit]

( class icon: Lightning )

  • Strength of Water: +X~2X weave damage, +X fire strength, +x dodge
  • Strength of Fire: +X~2X weave damage, +X water strength, +X accuracy
  • Strength of Spirit: +X% weave damage, +X spirit strength, -X% weave usage
  • Strength of Earth: -X% weave usage, +X earth strength, +X stun
  • Strength of Air: -X% weave usage, +X air strength, +X first strike

Sword Focus[edit]

( class icon: Tilted Sword )

non-Aiel only

  • Heron Spreads its Wings: +X~2X damage, +X% damage, +X/3 speed (A)
  • Sword Finesse: -X% sword usage (P)
  • Cat Crosses the Courtyard: +2X~4X sword damage, +X% damage, +x% defense (A)
  • Sword Mastery: +X~2X sword damage (P)
  • Parting the Silk: +2X% sword damage, +X dodge (A)

Axe Focus[edit]

( class icon: Cleaver )

  • Hacking through Brambles: +X~2X damage, +X stun, +X/3 wound (A)
  • Axe Finesse: -X% axe usage (P)
  • Mighty Chop: +2X~4X axe damage, +X% damage, +X stun (A)
  • Axe Mastery: +X~2X axe damage (P)
  • Cleave: +2X% axe damage, +X accuracy (A)

Spear Focus[edit]

( class icon: Spear )

  • Wash the Spears: +X~2X damage, +X accuracy, +X/3 wound (A)
  • Spear Finesse: -X% spear usage (P)
  • Dancing the Spears: +2X~4X spear damage, +X dodge, +X first strike (A)
  • Spear Mastery: +X~2X% spear damage (P)
  • Reach: +2X% spear damage, +X first strike (A)

Bow Focus[edit]

( class icon: Bow )

  • Rapid Fire: +X~2X damage, +X dodge, +X/3 speed (A)
  • Bow Finesse: -X% bow usage (P)
  • Focused Shot: +2X~4X bow damage, +X accuracy, +X first strike (A)
  • Bow Mastery: +X~2X bow damage (P)
  • Tipped Arrows: +2X% bow damage, +X poison (A)

Bludgeon Focus[edit]

( class icon: Battle Hammer )

  • Shattering Strike: +X~2X damage, +X% defense, +X/3 wound (A)
  • Bludgeon Finesse: -X% bludgeon usage (P)
  • Stunning Blow: +2X~4X bludgeon damage, +X% defense, +X stun (A)
  • Bludgeon Mastery: +X~2X bludgeon damage (P)
  • Hard Knocks: +2X% bludgeon damage, +X stun (A)

Knife Focus[edit]

( class icon: Battle Dagger )

  • Quick Toss: +X~2X damage, +X luck, +X/3 speed (A)
  • Knife Finesse: -X% knife usage (P)
  • Trick Throw: +2X~4X knife damage, +X accuracy, +X dodge (A)
  • Knife Mastery: +X~2X knife damage (P)
  • Concealed Strike: +2X% knife damage, +X taint (A)

Shield Focus[edit]

( class icon: Spiked Buckler )

  • Shield Bash: +X~2X block, +X stun, +X/3 wound (A)
  • Shield Finesse: -X% shield usage (P)
  • Cover: +2X~4X shield block, +X accuracy, +X% health gain (A)
  • Shield Mastery: +X~2X shield block (P)
  • Parry: +2X% shield defense, +X luck (A)

Body Armor Focus[edit]

( class icon: Chain Mail )

  • Moment of Silence: +2X~4X block, +X% defense (A)
  • Body Armor Finesse: -X% body armor usage (P)
  • Deflection: +2X~4X body armor block, +X% defense, +X dodge (A)
  • Body Armor Mastery: +X~2X body armor block (P)
  • Protection: +3X% body armor defense (A)

Leg Armor Focus[edit]

( class icon: Chain Greaves )

  • Armored Agility: +X~2X block, +X dodge, +X/3 speed (A)
  • Leg Armor Finesse: -X% leg armor usage (P)
  • Stability: +2X~4X leg armor block, +X% defense, +X% accuracy (A)
  • Leg Armor Mastery: +X~2X leg armor block (P)
  • Maneuverability: +2X% leg armor defense, +X% health gain (A)

Specialized Classes[edit]

At every 20th level (20, 40, 60, etc) players will have the opportunity to add an additional skill class to the character. Beginning at level 20, players can choose from among the additional equipment focus skills (see section above) or from among the following specialized classes. Some specialized classes have restrictions based on nationality of character (ex. only Aiel can choose Chief or Wise One), gender (ex. only female characters can choose Aes Sedai), or other previously-chosen classes (ex. channelers can't choose Whitecloak). Each specialized class is made up of 1 Passive skill and 2 Active skills.

Updated for v18! (Nov. 10,2017)


( class icon: Single Die )

  • Great Roll: +X% defense, +2X dodge (A)
  • Good Fortune: +2X luck (P)
  • Lucky Shot: +2X accuracy, +X% damage (A)


( class icon: Red Hand )

  • Time to Toss the Dice: +X~2X damage, +X luck, +X dodge, (A)
  • Toughness: +2X~4X block (P)
  • Maintaining Civility: +X~2X block, +X stun, +X dodge (A)


( class icon: Stag )

  • Knowing their Weakness: +X~2X damage, +2X accuracy (A)
  • Bring it Down: +X poison, +X accuracy (P)
  • Stalking Prey: +X poison, +X/3 wound, +X dodge (A)


( class icon: Gold Star )

  • Hammer and Anvil: +X~2X block, +X% defense, +X accuracy (A)
  • Veteran: +X~2X damage, +X~2X block (P)
  • The Lesser Sadness: +X~2X damage, +X% damage, +X/3 wound (A)


  • Seasoned Fighter: +X~2X damage, +X% damage, +X% defense (A)
  • Soldier for Hire: +X% damage, +X luck (P)
  • Higher Pay: +X accuracy, +2X luck (A)


( class icon: Dragon/Flame )

  • Mob Justice: +X% damage, +X luck, +X poison (A)
  • Misguided Loyalty: +X poison, +X stun (P)
  • For The Lord Dragon: +X/3 wound, +2X stun (A)


( class icon: Pierced Heart )

  • Unseen Assailant: +X% defense, +X first strike, +X dodge (A)
  • To Kill: +2X poison (P)
  • Lethal Precision: +X% defense, +X poison, +X accuracy (A)


( class icon: Gold Crown )

Cairhien or Noble net worth threshold

  • Deflecting Accusations: +X% defense, +2X dodge (A)
  • Daes Dae'mar: +X poison, +X dodge (P)
  • Eliminate Your Rivals: +X% damage, +X poison, +X accuracy (A)


( class icon: Great Serpent/Infinity )

non-Darkfriend only

  • Fanatical Devotion: +X~2X damage, +2X taint (A)
  • Light-Blinded: +X% health gain, +X taint (P)
  • Strength in Numbers: +X~2X damage, +X% damage, +X% health gain (A)

Aes Sedai[edit]

( class icon: White Flame )

Female Channeler only

  • Subdue: +X/3 wound, +X first strike, +X stun (A)
  • Fear and Respect: +X% defense, +X stun (P)
  • Prevention: +X~2X block, +X% defense, +X first strike (A)


( class icon: Black Fang )

Male Channeler only

  • Living Weapon: +X~2X damage, +X% damage, +X% accuracy (A)
  • Fast and Furious: +X% damage, +X first strike (P)
  • Residual of Madness: +2X taint, +X first strike (A)


( class icon: Brown Trefoil Leaf )

Ogier only

  • Bring Down the Mountain: +X% damage, +X first strike, +X accuracy (A)
  • Living History: +X% damage, +X% health gain (P)
  • Skilled Speaker: +X% health gain, +X first strike, +X dodge (A)

Tree Singer[edit]

( class icon: Green Trefoil Leaf )

Ogier only

  • Defense of Knowledge: +2X~4X block, +X accuracy (A)
  • One With the Trees: +2X% health gain (P)
  • Walking Legend: +X% defense, +X% health gain, +X stun (A)

Deathwatch Guard[edit]

( class icon: Double-Bit Axe )

Ogier or Seanchan only

  • Pride of the Empire: +2X~4X damage, +X~2X block (A)
  • Resilient Fighter: +X~2X damage, +X health gain (P)
  • Fearsome: +X% health gain, +X/3 wound, +X stun (A)


( class icon: Gold Bird )

Seanchan only

  • Subterfuge: +X% defense, +X stun, +X dodge (A)
  • Thorough Search: +X luck, +X stun (P)
  • Property of The Empress: +X luck, +x% health gain, +X dodge (A)


( class icon: Rags )

non-Thief Catcher only

  • Ruthlessness: +X% damage, +X poison, +X taint (A)
  • Thievery: +X luck, +X taint (P)
  • Mug: +X% damage, +X luck, +X first strike (A)

Thief Catcher[edit]

( class icon: Scales )

non-Bandit only

  • Urban Tracking: +X~2X block, +X accuracy, +X dodge (A)
  • Catching: +X~2X block, +X luck (P)
  • Ambush: +X luck, +X/3 wound, +X first strike (A)


( class icon: Wave )

female Atha'an Miere only

  • The Gift of Passage: +X Luck, +X/3 speed, +X stun (A)
  • Art of the Deal: +X~2X block, +X stun (P)
  • To Uphold the Bargain: +X~2X block, +X luck, +X poison (A)


( class icon: Anchor )

male Atha'an Miere only

  • Master of Trade: +X~2X block, +X luck, +X stun (A)
  • Disciplined: +X first strike, +X stun (P)
  • Defender of the Ship: +X~2X block, +X accuracy, +X first strike (A)


( class icon: Blue Heron )

  • Heavier than a Mountain: +2X~4X damage, +2X% damage, +X% damage to self (A)
  • Benefits of the Bond: +X% health gain, +X first strike (P)
  • Legendary Skill: +X~2X damage, +X~2X block, +X% health gain (A)


( class icon: Horn )

  • Unexpected Opponent: +X first strike, +X stun, +X dodge (A)
  • Nimbleness: +X luck, +X dodge (P)
  • Extra Flourish: +X luck, +X stun, +X accuracy (A)

Wise One[edit]

( class icon: Heart )

female Aiel only

  • Shade and Water: +X~2X block, +2X dodge (A)
  • Dedicated: +X~2X block, +X% health gain (P)
  • Of the Three-Fold Land: +2X% defense, +X% health gain (A)


( class icon: Buckler )

male Aiel Only

  • Til Shade is Gone: +X~2X damage, +X first strike, +X dodge (A)
  • Raid Tactics: +X luck, +X first strike (P)
  • Taking an Opening: +X~2X damage, +X luck, +X/3 wound (A)


( class icon: Crossed Axe+Sword )

Illian only

  • Loyalty to the Crown: +X% health gain, +2X accuracy (A)
  • Elite Training: +2X% damage (P)
  • Shock and Awe: +X% damage, +X% first strike, +X stun (A)


( class icon: Triple Silver Stars )

Ghealdan only

  • Wall of Jehannah: +x accuracy, +x dodge, +x stun (A)
  • Protect and Serve: +X~2X damage, +X stun (P)
  • Called to Arms: +X-2x damage, +x% damage, +x luck (A)

Queen's Guard[edit]

( class icon: White Lion )

Andor only

  • The Queen's Peace: +X~2X block, +X% defense, +X stun (A)
  • Rally to The Queen: +X~2X block, +X first strike (P)
  • Forward the White Lion: +X% damage, +X% defense, +X first strike (A)


( class icon: Wall/Gate )

Tear only

  • Shield Against Prophecy: +X~2X block, +X first strike, +X dodge (A)
  • The Stone Stands: +X% defense, +X first strike (P)
  • Heart of Stone: +X% defense, +X% health gain, +X accuracy (A)


( class icon: Red Wolf )

non-Aiel, non-Ogier, non-channeler, non-Atha'an Miere only

  • Eyes of the Wolf: +2X% damage, +X accuracy (A)
  • The Beast Within: +2X~4X damage (P)
  • One with the Pack: +X~2X damage, +X% health gain, +X/3 speed (A)


( class icon: Sun )

non-Aiel, non-Ogier, non-channeler, non-Seanchan, non-Atha'an Miere only

  • Purging the Shadow: +X~2X damage, +X poison, +X/3 wound (A)
  • Defender of the Light: +X% damage, +X poison (P)
  • Justice: +X% damage, +X% defense, +X/3 wound (A)


( class icon: Double Coin Sacks )

Atha'an Miere, Cairhien, Arad Doman, Kandor, Murandy only

  • Terms of Negotiation: +X luck, +X first strike, +X stun (A)
  • The Best Deal: +X% health gain, +X luck (P)
  • Bleed Dry: +X health gain, +X poison, +X stun (A)

Blight Guard[edit]

( class icon: Red Tower )

Aiel, Arafel, Kandor, Saldaea, Shienar only

  • Vigilant: +X~2X block, +X/3 speed, +X accuracy (A)
  • Shadowspawn Hunter: +2X accuracy (P)
  • Blooded: +X% damage, +X taint, +X stun (A)


( class icon: Crossed Swords )

Altara, Amadicia, Murandy, Shienar, Tear only

  • Block and Counter: +X% defense, +X stun +X accuracy (A)
  • Quick Reflexes: +2X first strike (P)
  • One Step Ahead: +X first strike, +X dodge, +X/3 wound (A)


( class icon: Vertical Sword )

Altara, Andor, Arafel, Ghealdan, Tarabon only

  • Fight With Heart: +X% damage, +X% health gain, +X stun (A)
  • Defend Your Home: +X% health gain, +X accuracy (P)
  • Untrained Attack: +2X% damage, +X luck, +X accuracy, +X% damage to self (A)


( class icon: Ship )

Amadicia, Arad Doman, Illian, Saldaea, Tarabon only

  • Bribes: +X luck, +X first strike, +X/3 speed (A)
  • Undetected: +2X dodge (P)
  • Avoid Suspicion: +X luck, +X stun, +X dodge (A)

Updated for v15[edit]