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Professions are jobs where the player will receive bonuses based on which profession you spend profession points on. Some professions also let the player buy and own businesses which will be explained in greater detail under the businesses page.

There are 13 professions to choose from and each one will have 9 levels of skill. You advance your profession by using profession points and the higher level your skill in that profession, the better bonuses you will receive. Each character will start with 1 level of skill in the Merchant profession, and 1 level in two selected professions based on nationality. They will also have 1 unassigned profession point to spend as they choose. The player will receive one profession point for every five levels they advance. You can work on mastering a single job or become a jack-of-all-trades, the choice is up to you. Note: You can also earn more by completing achievements.

Bonuses for each profession are listed below, where 'x' is the current level of the profession.

  • (B) = This profession has a business that goes with it.
  • Merchant (B) - Bonuses: x% discount in item shop; Can open a Stall in cities.
  • Blacksmith - Bonuses: items found will be less damaged than those found by other players (about 2% less damaged per blacksmith level); repairs at the blacksmith cost less (2% less per blacksmith level).
  • Performer - Bonuses: 2x% discount for inn/food costs; Entertainment Bonus Level X (see below).
  • Cutpurse - Bonuses: +x Luck in Duels; Cutpurse Bonus Level X (see below).
  • Medic (B) - Bonuses: -2x% price of herbs; herb effects last +x/2 turns (round down); can purchase Herb Garden to grow own herbs.
  • Brewer (B) - Bonuses: -2x% drink costs; drink effects last +x/2 turns (round down); able to purchase Brewery to brew drinks.
  • Cook (B) - Bonuses: Food items recover an additional x/2 stamina (round up), food effects last -x/2 turns less (round down); Can purchase a kitchen to make food.
  • Farmer (B) - Bonuses: +2x Luck vs. NPCs in Plains; Can purchase farm to grow crops.
  • Miner (B) - Bonuses: +2x Luck vs. NPCs in Mountains; Can purchase land to mine for minerals.
  • Sailor (B) - Bonuses: +2x Luck vs. NPCs in Oceans; Can purchase ships and do shipping.
  • Survivalist - Bonuses: +2x Luck vs. NPCs in Wastelands; NPC Quest bonus coin (see below).
  • Peddler - Bonuses: +2x Luck vs. NPCs in Hills; +x storage in item inv, +x/2 storage in consume inventory (round up).
  • Tracker - Bonuses: +2x Luck vs. NPCs in Forests; Find Quest bonus coin (see below).

Cutpurse Bonus: (10 x CUTPURSE_LEVEL x NUMBER_OF_CHARACTERS_NEARBY) cp per hour.

Entertainment Bonus: (PERFORMER_LEVEL x CHARACTER_LEVEL) cp per hour. Only received if in a city.

NPC Quest Bonus: (20 x SURVIVALIST_LEVEL x CHARACTER_LEVEL) cp bonus for each NPC quest completed.

Find Quest Bonus: (20 x TRACKER_LEVEL x CHARACTER_LEVEL) cp bonus for each Find quest completed.

Updated for v17[edit]