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There are two types of skills passive and active.

Passive Skills[edit]

Passive skills are skills in which benefits are always received, as long as the skill's level is greater than 0. These skills are the blue ones listed in the top row on the skill page.

Active Skills[edit]

Active skill are skills whose bonuses are only received when that skill is activated. A player can only have a limited number of these skills activated at one time. This number is 3 more than the player's level divided by 15 (ex. 3 for a level 14; 4 for a level 15; 5 for a level 30 etc.)

Active Skills are typically displayed in the second row on the skill page and have dependencies from the passive skills the row above it. All your currently in use Active skills are displayed on the "Active Skills" tab.

To activate a skill, click on the "Activate" button listed below the skill you want to activate. A skill must have a level of at least 1 and not already active to be activated.

To deactivate a skill, click on the "Deactivate" button listed below the skill you want to deactivate on the Active Skills tab.

Skill Trees[edit]

Each class has their own skill tree, with completely unique skills in each tree. Starting classes each contain 5 skills, while Specialized classes will add only 3 each.

Each tree is set up in a similar arrangement. Trees with 5 skills are laid out as follows:


In these trees, we have 2 passive skills and 3 active skills, with the 3 active skills being dependent on the passive skills as follows: A1 can not be a higher level than P1; A2 cannot be a higher level than P2; and A3 cannot be a higher level than either P1 or P2.

Skill trees with only 3 skills are set up in a similar manner, with only one passive skill and 2 active skills and both active skills are restricted by the one passive skill.


Each skill costs 1 skill point per whatever level you wish to raise the skill to, so if u wish to raise a skill to level 1, it will cost 1 point, 2 points for level 2, 3 for level 3, etc. While all skills cost the same, skill with dependencies tend to give larger bonuses to make up for the extra requirements. Similarly, skills from specialized classes tend to give better bonuses than the other trees.

Characters will receive 1 new skill point to spend however they wish at each level, with an additional skill point earned for every 15 levels your character has reached (ex. 1 point per level up to level 14, 2 points at levels 15-29, 3 points for levels 30-44, etc.).

On the skill page, each skill tree is listed in a separate tab, named after the class the tree corresponds to.

Alignment Skills[edit]

All characters have an "Alignment" tab on their skills page. This tab has seven skills, all of which are Active skills. These skills are not raised with skill points. Rather, their level increases as the character's level increases.

Alignment skill level = (Character's level /10) +1

Here's a list of the Alignment skills, ordered from Light to Shadow (x is the skill's level):

  • Ta'veren: +x-2x Damage, +x% Health Gain, +x Luck (available after you reach +1000 in alignment)
  • Against the Shadow: +x% defense, +x/3 Speed, +x Accuracy (available after you reach +300 in alignment
  • Avoiding Trouble: +x% Health Gain, +x Stun
  • As the Wheel Weaves: x-2x Block, +x% damage
  • Just Business: +x Poison, +x First Strike
  • From the Shadows: +1% damage, +x/3 Wound, +x Dodge (available after you reach -300 in alignment)
  • Among the Chosen: +x-2x Block, +x Poison, +x Taint (available after you reach -1000 in alignment)

Characters will only have access to 3 of the 7 skills at a time. Which group of 3 slides around as your alignment changes. If you are Neutral, you'll have access to the middle 3. If your alignment changes to Lean Light, you will lose access to 'Just Business' and gain 'Against the Shadow'. If you would instead change to Lean Shadow, you'd lose 'Avoiding Trouble' and gain 'From the Shadows'. If you lose access to an Active skill that you are currently using, it will be automatically deactivated the next time you visit the skills page.

Updated for v16[edit]