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Ter'angreal are special items that can either be equipped directly, or can be combined with a non-Ter-angreal item to give some of it's stats to the non-ter'angreal item. An item can be combined with up to two Ter'angreals, one prefix and one suffix. For a prefix Ter'angreal, the name of the Ter'angreal is written first, as in "Slayers Rod". For a suffix Ter'angreal, the name comes last, as in "Ring of Rot".

Note: Players can not combine one Ter'angreal with another. However, it is still common to find some with both a prefix and a suffix in the wild, such as "Tainted Plaque of Kings". These are relics from an age long past when players knew how to combine them. That knowledge has sadly been lost to us.

There are 7 types of Ter'angreal. Some Ter'angreal must be worn (equipped in a body slot). Others must be held (equipped in a hand). You may only wear 1 Ter'angreal at a time, and can only hold 1 Ter'angreal at a time, but can both wear and hold 1 Ter'angreal each. Each Ter'angreal type has it's own stat bonuses that it receives. These bonuses are not passed on to items they are combined with. The table below is the list of Ter'angreal types, whether they are worn or held, and what their bonuses are:

Name Equip Slot Base Stats Prefix Bonus Suffix Bonus
Figurine Hand 2-4 Damage +1 Speed +3% Health Gain
Rod Hand 2-4 Damage +5% Damage +1 Wound
Plaque Hand 2-4 Damage +3 Poison +1-1 Damage
Bracelet Body 1-2 Damage, 1-2 Block +2 Stun +3 Accuracy
Neckwear Body 2-4 Block +2 Taint +3 Dodge
Headgear Body 2-4 Block +2 Luck +1-1 Block
Ring Body 2-4 Block +2 First Strike +5% Defense

To combine a ter'angreal with a non-ter'angreal, go to a City and visit the local Wise Woman. Select the 2 items you wish to combine from the drop down lists. As you select the items, their stats will appear above the lists. Once both are selected, you will see what the stats of the combined item will be. If either the ter'angreal is equipped, or the other item is equipped and the combination will cause it to use more points than you have available, you will receive a warning that the item will be unequipped before you can combine. Once combined, the ter'angreal will be removed from your inventory.

For a full list of Prefixes and Suffixes that Ter'angreal can have, see the Ter'angreal List.

Updated for v17[edit]