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Wise Women go by various names throughout the WoT-world, but most have a good knowledge of herbs.

Wise Women sell herbs that give temporary stats bonuses. Each city has a default list of 4 herb items that are always available at the Wise Woman for purchase. Herbs produced by local Gardens are also available for purchase in limited amounts. There are 4 levels of 'quality' that each herb can be: Sickly, Average, Healthy, Perfect. The higher the level in quality, the better the stat bonuses are, and the longer they will remain in your system.

Here is a list of the herbs, what their bonuses and digestion rate are based on their quality:

Herb Sickly Common Healthy Perfect
Digestion rate 2 turns 3 turns 4 turns 5 turns
Worrynot Root +2% damage +4% damage +6% damage +8% damage
Boneknit +2% defense +4% defense +6% defense +8% defense
Dogwort +2% health gain +4% health gain +6% health gain +8% health gain
Sheepstongue Root +2 luck +4 luck +6 luck +8 luck
Silver Leaf +1 accuracy +2 accuracy +3 accuracy +4 accuracy
Goosemint +1 dodge +2 dodge +3 dodge +4 dodge
Grey Fennel +1 poison +2 poison +3 poison +4 poison
Crimsonthorn Root +1 taint +2 taint +3 taint +4 taint
Flatwort +1 first strike +2 first strike +3 first strike +4 first strike
Greenwort +1 stun +2 stun +3 stun +4 stun
Tarchrot Leaf -5% damage, +1 wound +1 wound -5% damage, +2 wound +2 wound
Andilay Root -5% damage, +1 speed +1 speed -5% damage, +2 speed +2 Speed

Investing points in the Medic Profession will further increase the number of turns the item and its effects will remain in your system.

Combining Items with Ter'angreal[edit]

Wise Women can also combine a Ter'angreal and a non-ter'angreal item into a single enhanced item. To combine items, select the 2 items you wish to combine from the drop down lists. As you select the items, their stats will appear above the lists. Once both are selected, you will see what the stats of the combined item will be. If either the ter'angreal is equipped, or the other item is equipped and the combination will cause it to use more points than you have available, you will receive a warning that the item will be unequipped before you can combine. Once combined, the ter'angreal will be removed from your inventory.

Updated for v15[edit]