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There are six different types of terrain in the wilderness outside of cities. Each nationality has one terrain where they receive a bonus when fighting in their favored terrain. There are also only 4 of each kind of terrain.

  • Oceans = Aryth Ocean, Sea of Storms, Bay of Remara, Windbiters Finger
  • Plains = Almoth Plain, Plain of Lances, Plains of Maredo, Fields of Merrilor
  • Mountains = Mountains of Mist, Spine of the World, Kinslayer's Dagger,
  • Hills = Hills of Kintara, Black Hills, Caralain Grass, Blasted Lands
  • Wastelands = Aiel Waste, World's End, Tarwin's Gap, Shadow Coast
  • Forests = Braem Wood, Haddon Mirk, Forest of Shadows, Paerish Swar

Updated for v17[edit]