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KR was born some time ago, in a land just one Far away. He's really tall and has got those piercing green eyes that ladies love, unless he wears a blue shirt, then they're gray, which the ladies love even more. He can be found in the wild, but you'll never catch him.

KR started life as a master smirker. All the other kids were just idiots to him, so he sat quietly in class smirking at just how dumb they were. He moved on to being a landscaper for nearly a decade, because he's so smart and knew where the money was at. After making a fortune doing that, he became a full time adventurer and began opening all the random chests and boxes lying around. (You wouldn't believe the kind of stuff you can find in those.) Now, after two fortunes having been made in such a short life, he spends his days as a full time GoSer and general badass. He's been called a Juggernaut of Awesomeness, Dream Killer and Lion Slayer by his alts, and a Jerk by everyone else. However, we all know all those impressive titles will never compare to just how Awesome he truly is. Keep scrolling for a list of just some of his recent accomplishments.



In version 13, he became a High Lord for the fourth straight time and led the Silver Legion to an all around and undisputed victory. He was also able to amass a wealth of other in game titles, including:

  • Hero of Honor
  • Great Captain
  • Legendary Samaritan
  • Legendary Trader
  • Most Thrifty
  • Most Prosperous
  • Professional Adventurer
  • Most Professional
  • Champion of the Red Bull

In the version 13 End of Age Awards he earned or was voted:

  • Supreme Overlord of Titles
  • Co-Most Community Driven
  • Co-Guru of Greed
  • Co-Best moment on T'A'R
  • Co-Best Estate Name

Check Back often, as I'm sure his ego will not permit him to not keep this page up to date. ;)