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There are a total of 24 cities in the world. They are places clans can take control of and can upgrade, as well as being really useful to players. When in a city, the Local menu on the navbar will have several useful links, including:

  • Shop - Buy Equipment.
  • Blacksmith - Repair Equipment.
  • Market - Buy and sell equipment with other players.
  • Quests- List of quests available in the city.
  • Outfitter - Buy horses and feed, equipment storage, and consumable storage.
  • City Hall - Buy local Businesses, Join a Tournament, Start a Clan Battle, and rulers can change city settings.
  • Inn - Rent a room or buy food to replenish stamina.
  • Wise Woman - Buy herbs
  • Tavern - Play Dice or buy drinks
  • Rumors - Displays recent major events, who may has the Horn of Valere and current Seal locations. (if any are present)
  • Businesses - If you own a business in the city, you can link to it here
  • Clan Office - Available to leaders of a clan with more than 100 wins in the town, or an appointed local officer.
  • Map - A map of the world of the game (click on smaller map to expand to a more detailed version)
  • Bank - Deposit or Withdraw coin from your account, or donate to you clan

The city page itself can be found under the World menu on the navbar. All the links from the Local menu are also available there, as well as:

  • Arrows that enable travel to the four surrounding areas.
  • City information - Current population, strength of city defenses, city bank, City Upgrades, and a list of clans with the highest score there.

See the Controlling Cities page for details on how to take over a city.

City Specific Bonuses[edit]

Each city has a starting bonus generally increasing damage percent based on nationality or a starting class. The nationality bonuses are in the city where that nationality spawns. Exceptions: There is no city with a bonus for the Healer class. Channelers is the only weapon class represented and has one city increasing and one city decreasing damage.

  • Amador: +5% damage if Amadician
  • Bendar Eben: +5% damage if Domani
  • Caemlyn: +5% damage if Andoran
  • Cairhien: +5% damage if Cairhienin
  • Cantorin: +5% damage if Atha'an Miere
  • Chachin: +5% damage if Kandori
  • Ebou Dar: +5% damage if Altaran
  • Emond's Field: +5% damage if an Outdoorsman
  • Fal Dara: +5% damage if Shienaran
  • Falme: +5% damage if Seanchan
  • Far Madding: -5% damage if a Channeler
  • Illian: +5% damage if Illianer
  • Jehannah: +5% damage if Ghealdanin
  • Lugard: +5% damage of Murandian
  • Maradon: +5% damage if Saldaean
  • Mayene: +5% damage if an Armsman
  • Rhuidean: +5% damage if Aiel
  • Salidar: +5% damage if a Wanderer
  • Shol Arbela: +5% damage if Arafellin
  • Stedding Shangtai: +5% damage if Ogier
  • Tanchico: +5% damage if Taraboner
  • Tar Valon: +5% damage if a Channeler
  • Tear: +5% damage if Tarien
  • Thakan'dar: +5% damage if a Darkfriend

Updated for v17[edit]