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After a clan has taken control of a city, the clan leaders or Local Officer can start tournaments from the City Hall. A tournament starts 24 hours after the officer announces it and lasts for 24 hours after that.


  • Tournament duels aren't counted for enemy/ally kills. So you wont become the Master Traitor for beating up your clan mates. Watch how many battles you've used against them though, because once you've spent the amount allowed for the tourney, duels will return to normal.
  • Tournament duels can be done anywhere in the world, not just the city where it's at. It is easier on everyone if you stick around though.
  • Ji is still earned for your clan in the city from tournament duels, as long as your opponent is not an ally.
  • Ji is still earned for you from tournament duels.
  • Tournament duels also get counted toward duel wins.
  • Battles per player are per character.
  • Duels against your other characters DO NOT earn you tournament points, even if they are in the tournament as well.
  • Donors can still use Double Duels, but they will only count as one for the tournament.

Tournament rules[edit]

When starting a tournament you've got several choices for the tournament rules:

Battle type:

  • Normal: everything is allowed.
  • No equipment: only skill and consumable stats are counted in tournament duels.
  • No skills: only equipment and consumable stats are counted in tournament duels.
  • No consumables: only equipment and skill stats are counted in tournament duels.

Prize distribution:

  • Winner take all: the winner of the tournament gets the entire pot.
  • Top 3: the prize is split between the three characters with the most points.

Minimum level:

The minium level required to enter the tournament.

Maximum level:

The maximum allowed level to enter the tournament.
Note: If you level up past the maximum after you sign up, you will still be able to participate.

Battles per player:

The number of battles you get that count against each player. This is per character. So each character gets this number of duels against each of the other characters in the tournament.

Entrance fee:

How much it costs to join the tournament. This money is added to the prize.

Points explanation[edit]

Points are gained and lost according in the following ways:

  • +1 Point for every 5 health point more than your opponent you have at the end of a battle. If you lose the battle, you lose 1 point for every 5 health point less that your opponent you have.
  • +5 Points for each battle, attacking or defending, that happens within the city of the tournament. If you attack a player 10 or more levels below you, you lose this bonus.
  • +/-3 Point for each level higher/lower than you your opponent is for each battle (+/-1 point if it's a No Equipment tourney)

Example tournament[edit]

To explain, here's an in-depth example of a tournament:

Contest starts in: 5 hours
Battle Type: Normal
Prize Distribution: Winner Take All
Player level range: Any - Level 20
Battles per Player: 3
Entry Fee: g: 0 s: 10 c:0

Contestant Total My Results
Score Battles Attacked Defended My Points Opponent
Rufus Albar 0 0 0 0 0 0
Shadar Haran 0 0 0 0 0 0
Kevaan alMordre 0 0 0 0 0 0
Rasina Seitaarin 0 0 0 0 0 0
Dahl Shadow 0 0 0 0 0 0
King Richard 0 0 0 0 0 0

As you can see this tournament starts in 5 hours. It's a normal battle, winner takes all, characters level 1-20 can join and each char gets 3 battles against the other chars The entry fee is set to 10 silver.

Seeing as there are 6 characters signed up for this tournament, each character can do a maximum of 3 x 5 = 15 duels that count against the final score.

Table explanation[edit]

This is the table(seen from Rufus Albar's view) after Rufus Albar has used 12 of his 15 duels and King Richard has used 3 of his. The points are way off, but should show how it works.

Contestant Total My Results
Score Battles Attacked Defended My Points Opponent
Rufus Albar 300 12 0 0 0 0
Shadar Haran -100 0 3 0 100 -100
Kevaan alMordre -100 0 3 0 100 -100
Rasina Seitaarin -100 0 3 0 100 -100
Dahl Shadow -100 0 3 0 100 -100
King Richard 100 3 0 3 -100 100

As you see Rufus has 300 points. 100 from each of the other participants except KR, where he has been attacked and lost 100 points. 400-100 = 300.

KR has attacked Rufus 3 times and has earned 100 points.

The rest haven't done any battles yet and are stuck at -100 points because Rufus has battled them.

As it is Rufus can attack KR 3 times and then he's done everything he can this tournament. Any additional duels against the participants will be regular duels.

Updated for v15[edit]