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Welcome to the Green Man's Tutorial!

This tutorial will be a hybrid of in-game quests with wiki explanations. Also, there will not be direct rewards for completing the quests. Instead, this tutorial will help guide you through a list of Achievements, each of which will have their own rewards. Some quests will have multiple parts, which will each have their own achievement and reward. After completing an action given by a tutorial quest, you'll get a notification that you got an achievement and have received a reward. Your progress toward the quest will be marked, and when you reach 100% completion, you can submit the quest to receive a new one from that quest track.

Note: If you complete an achievement before you have access to the related Tutorial Quest, you will not get a second reward for completing that step, it will just be automatically counted as being complete. If at any point you need help, please feel free to message the Green Man in-game

To begin your quests, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your character's menu on the navigation bar in the game and click the Quest link.
  2. Click on the Tutorial Quest Tab to view a list of available quests.
  3. Open any of the quests to view the requirements to complete it. Note: there are four different "Quest Tracks" you can follow. More information on these can be found below, and each quest will have a "Details" button that will link you to the related wiki page to learn how to complete that quest.
Learn how to start and run a business.

Learn how to complete quest and to battle NPCs an other players. You'll also learn many of the other game mechanics along the way.

Join a clan, it's more fun.

Learn other miscellaneous things useful to playing.

Updated for v16[edit]