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You can find the Clan page by clicking Clan menu on the navbar.

Basic Info on Clans[edit]

Clans are groups of players who play together. The reasons for doing so vary, and include:

  • Competing to be the best clan
  • Taking over Cities
  • Support from allies against your enemies
  • Stat bonuses from Clan Hires (upgrades and bonuses)
  • Take part in Clan Battles
  • Being part of a team
  • Making new friends, or hanging out with your friends
  • Role Playing a faction from the books.

Forming a Clan[edit]

Players wanting to be part of a clan can either join an existing clan, or form a new one. (Some clans will be set to invite only, which means the Leader or someone else in the clan has to invite you to join. Most will send an invite if asked, and some will send them anyway whether you ask for one or not.)

To form your own clan, simply go to the clan page, and click the Form Clan button. (You must not currently be in a clan to form one.) You will then be prompted to choose the name of your new clan and create your clan's flag. Select the flag's style and color, as well as a sigil, then click the Form Clan button again. Your new clan's page will take the place of the old one, and will display your Clan's flag. Your flag will also fly in any city your clan gains control of.

The next step, will be to get other players to join your clan.

Clan Leadership[edit]

Every clan has a leader and 0-2 sub leaders (appointed by the leader) Leaders and Sub Leaders are the only ones who have access to a clan's Settings tab. They can also build Clan Offices in cities and use them to sell items at the city Shops. They can also appoint a City Officer in the Clan Office to help manage things in that city.

Leaders can easily be identified by the Golden Crown that will appear next to their name in the player Rankings. Sub Leaders can be identified by the Silver Crown next to their names. This is helpful when it comes to clan battles, as beating them will earn more points.

Clan Size[edit]

Clan Size is limited to 10% of the world's population, with a minimum of 10. For example, at the start of the age, every clan can have 10 members and that cap is increased to 11 when the world's population reaches 110.

Clan Vault[edit]

Each clan has a clan vault, also located under the Clan menu on the navbar, where members can share gear or Ter'angreal with each other. It starts out with inventory space for 50 items, but more space can be purchased by the leaders of the clan on the upgrades tab. Anyone can donate items to the vault from their own Inventory page, and can borrow anything they wish, but only leaders can sell items or take items back from people who may be hoarding them. You can do this by selecting the item in question, and clicking the appropriate button at the bottom of the list.

Remember, items in the vault belong to the vault. Non-leaders can't do anything with them when they're done with them, other than return them to the vault. Any item or ter'angreal from the vault can be combined with items not from the vault, but the newly made item will always belong to the vault. Also, if you leave the clan the vault item belongs to, the item will automatically be sent back to the clan vault.

Clan Alignment[edit]

Clans also have the option to build their alignment for the Light or for the Shadow. The clan's alignment comes from 2 things:

  1. The actions the clan takes as a whole. (clan battles, upgrading cities, etc.)
  2. The actions of the clan members. (doing quests, fighting hordes or armies, etc.)

Basically, every action taken by the members of a clan that effect their personal alignment will also effect their clan's alignment by as much. You can increase your clan alignment, or decrease it, by doing various things. Please see the Alignment page for more information on what will cause your alignment to go one way or the other, and therefore affect your clan.

Since clans have more people in them, the amount of positive or negative alignment needed to change a clan's overall alignment is greater. The bigger the clan, the more it will take as well.

  • Light Clan: +1250+ (250 per member) or above
  • Lean Light: +500+ (100 per member) to +1250+ (250 per member)
  • Neutral: -500 -(100 per member) to +500+(100 per member)
  • Lean Shadow: -500 -(100 per member) to -1250 - (250 per member)
  • Shadow: -1250 - (250 per member) or below.

If a clan has 10 members, they need +3750 in alignment to be Light, +1500 to be Lean Light, -1500 to be Lean Shadow and -3750 to be Shadow. Note: Only actions a player takes while in the clan affects the clan alignment. If a player with +1000 alignment joins a clan, the clan's alignment doesn't go up at all.

Allies and Enemies[edit]

The leader of the clan can make other clans enemies, or send alliance requests by viewing that clan's information page. Allies can support each other while enemies get extra bonuses against each other. Only Allies can support each other for City Control and only Enemies can start Clan Battles against each other.

The leaders of a clan can choose to support allied clans in one or more cities. When supporting, the supporting clan cannot take control of the cities and 1/2 of the supporting clan's Ji is added to the supported clan's total Ji. Please note that wins against allies or members of the same clan don't count towards the clan's score for control in a city. If at any time the two clans are no longer allied, deals of support are canceled. Who your clan is currently supporting and where can be found on the 'Cities' tab of the clan page. This is also where leaders can adjust their support.

When you defeat an enemy in battle, you will win a small percentage of their clan bank for your own clan. That percentage starts at 0.1% (rounded UP), but similar to regular gold won from battles, that percentage will decrease by 0.01 for every level below you your opponent is after 5. (ie. You'll only steal 0.05% from an enemy 10 levels below you and none from anyone 15 levels or more lower). This will of course go both ways and a loss to an enemy you attack will earn their clan some of your hard earned gold. So be careful: Some well timed attacks from your opponents could cost you the gold that pays your upkeep and result in losses of upgrades.

Status Tab[edit]

The Status Tab is the default tab that is shown when you go to the clan page. It shows the clan chat, the amount of money in the clan bank, the hourly upkeep cost of the upgrades your clan has purchased, the clan's current alignment score and a list of current bonuses from clan upgrades and City ownership.

Clan Chat[edit]

Each clan has a clan chat that allows the members to talk about anything they wish. This is used to give the players in the clan a place to get to know each other better, and coordinate and form strategies. Please see the chat page of the wiki for further details.

Clan Bank[edit]

Each clan also has a Clan bank. The clan bank will be able to be used by clan leaders to purchase upgrades for the clan and stock the shops in cities that they control.

You can donate money to the clan bank by using the Donate button in the bank area, instead of the Deposit or Withdraw buttons. For more info, see the Bank page of the wiki.

Clan Upkeep[edit]

Each upgrade will also have an hourly upkeep that will be automatically taken out of your clan bank. Upkeep cost will vary based on skill level and the number of members are in your clan. More members will mean more benefit due to the effect on more people (and easier to raise that initial cost), so they will have to bear the burden of this advantage. If at any time a clan can not afford to pay the upkeep for their upgrades, their most expensive upgrade will be downgraded a level. Half the cost of that upgrade will be put back in the clan bank and the rest is lost.

Cities Tab[edit]

This tab is mostly for information. It shows a list of all the cities in the game, your clan's score in each, the current ruler of each, their score, who your clan is supporting where and the status of any clan battles. Leaders and Subs can also use this page to change support for their allies in cities, by using the drop down menus and selecting one of their allies to support, and then clicking the Update Support button on the bottom.

When a battle is called, the War Status column will change from "none" in the city the battle was called, and will say "Starts in x hours". When the battle is going, it will say, "Ends in x hours", and when the battle is over it will say "Last x days ago" until a new battle is called.

Upgrades Tab[edit]

The upgrades tab shows the information about what clan goods and hires (bonuses) your clan has, and what the clans ranks are.

Clan Goods[edit]

This area will show what resources and goods your clan has acquired from donations from your clan members. These can be transferred to cities your clan controls so that upgrades can be purchased.

Clan Hires[edit]

Clan leaders can purchase upgrades and bonuses, called Clan Hires, for their clan and it's members from the 'Upgrades' tab on the Clan page. These bonuses are paid for with coin from the Clan Bank. These upgrades also have the added cost of an hourly upkeep that is automatically taken from the clan bank. Failure to pay the upkeep (insufficient funds in clan bank at time of payment due) will result in one of your upgrades being lost, with half the cost of that upgrade being put back in the clan bank and the other half being lost.

Clans must have earn a minimum level of global Ji in order to purchase higher level upgrades. The table below shows how much Ji is required to purchase certain levels of hires:

Hire Level Global Ji Required
Level 1 -
Level 2 -
Level 3 -
Level 4 5,000
Level 5 10,000
Level 6 15,000
Level 7 20,000
Level 8 25,000
Level 9 35,000
Level 10 50,000

Here's what each Hire does and what the range of increase is from Level 1 to Level 10.

Hire Name Bonus Range
Supply Caravan +x to Clan Vault size 10-100
Raiders +x Luck vs. Enemies 2-20
Medics +x% Health Gain in ruled cities 2-20%
Watch +x% defense in ruled cities 2-20%
Scouts +x Dodge in ruled cities 1-10
Spies +x Accuracy in enemy cities 1-10
Saboteurs +x% poison in enemy cities 1-10
Siege Weapons +x% damage in enemy cities 2-20%

Clan Ranks[edit]

Clan Leaders can also set up to 5 personalized ranks for their clan members. These ranks will be automatically changed on their profile page once a member meets certain requirements. Leaders will be able to set the requirements based on a combination of Level, Wins, and Ji. If you don't wish there to be a requirement for one of those, simply leave that requirement at 0. Note: Ranks are lowest to highest from top to bottom and can only be a maximum of 20 characters long, including spaces.

Settings Tab[edit]

The Settings tab is only visible to Leaders and Subs. Things you can do from this tab include:

  • Add a Sub Leader. (One at a time, up to two)
  • Remove a Sub Leader.
  • Kick and Block members from returning. (This is also one at a time, and there is immediately an "unblock" feature, to make it so the person can return if they choose. This option will not be available later, and the only other way for that person to return will be to send them an invite.
  • Change the Leader's title. (maximum of 12 characters including spaces)
  • Change the Sub Leader's title. (maximum of 12 characters including spaces)
  • Set the clans status for those wishing to join. (Default is Open to anyone, but Leaders can change it to Member Invitation only, Leader Invitation only, No Shadow, No Light or Neutral only.) Note: If set by alignment, it will only stop people from joining if they don't meet those conditions. If they join a No Shadow clan for instance, and then become shadow aligned, they will not be kicked out of the clan without the leader doing it manually.
  • Set the automatic kick feature for inactive members. Default is 20 days of inactivity.

There are also two information boxes that Leaders can use that will be displayed above the clan chat area. One is for Public information that anyone in the game can see when looking at your clan. The other is for private information that only clan members will be allowed to see.

Updated for v17[edit]