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Our first End of Age Awards! Woohoo!

At the end of each age, the community has the option of voting to award unofficial titles to people. These awards are either not tracked in game or can't be because they're mostly opinion. If you have any more ideas about how we can improve these each age, please feel free to bring it up in game or on the forum.

The votes are in, and these are the results.

Non-voting Awards

These are the awards that are achieved by actions in the game, yet are either not tracked, or just not officially awarded.

  • Warrior of the Light: Malik Dolley
Malik achieved this title by having the highest alignment at the end of the age with a total of 3130.22.
  • Agent of Shadow: Doylin Moore
Doylin achieved this title by having the lowest alignment at the end of the age with a total of -2918.39.
  • Bastion of the Light: Caemlyn
Caemlyn received this honor by having the highest order when the Last Battle began. Sadly, though the Juggernauts of the Silver Legion and other allies of the Light fought valiantly, they could not save their fair city from destruction by a horde of Torm in phase 2 of the battle.
  • Cauldron of Chaos: Cantorin
Cantorin earned this black mark upon it's name by having the lowest order at the start of the Last Battle. It was summarily destroyed.
  • Tournament Champion: King Richard
There were only a few Tournaments in v13, and KR won the most with 2 wins.
  • Supreme Overlord of Titles: King Richard
KR also amassed a great many titles throughout the age. He lost control of a few, but held off the other glory seekers to earn this title. At the end of the age, he had control of the most in-game titles with a total of 8.
  • Net Worth Ninja: Rufus Albar
Though it was a close race, Rufus was able to end KR's three-age-long streak of being the first to reach High Lord. Sadly, Rufus had to sell his soul to the Dark One to do it. He still claims it was worth it.

Voting Awards

These awards are opinion based and were voted upon to determine the winners.

  • Most Feared Duelist: Doylin Moore
Screams and squeals of terror were heard throughout the age whenever Doylin was online. Especially from those who had any sizable sum of coin in their purse.
  • Funniest moment on Tel'aran'rhiod: The community has chosen two separate events.
  • The moment when Rufus beat KR to High Lord.
  • "What does a Juggernaut fear most? A giant hamster wheel named Rufus." -King Richard
Toward the end of the age, Rufus Albar got to a point where even Doylin felt he was unbeatable. This line was part of a rant by KR about this.
  • Best Clan Battle: Battle of Tar Valon
This battle happened about half way through the age. Silver Legion had controlled Tar Valon most of the age, but Lost Souls of Aridhol had kept the score close. One day they were able to make the push and take it. Silver Legion called the battle on them shortly after. It ended up being really intense as Doylin and his alts were able to chase the Legionaries from the city in terror for much of the battle. In the end, the Legion prevailed, and both clans left the other alone after that.
  • Best Avatar: Khorakan Devalis
This avatar was definitely the most memorable throughout the age, mostly because of how creepy it was.
  • Most Community Driven Player: The community has chosen two winners.
  • Doylin Moore
Doylin brought in a lot of new players this age and did a lot to keep people active.
  • King Richard
KR spent an absurd amount of his time building this wiki, and was the main driving force behind these awards.
  • Master Mentor: Doylin Moore
Doylin was given this honor by always being willing to help people with advice and helping new players figure the game out.
  • Swami of Subterfuge: Suspicious Wanderer
This player showed up for a couple days, and defied the community to guess who he was. There was great debate amongst the community. While some of us have guesses, we may never know the truth behind this stranger as he or she disappeared into the night shortly after.
  • Guru of Greed: The community has chosen two winners.
  • Doylin Moore
It seemed as if there was no time of day in which anyone was safe to walk around with any kind of cash out. Doylin was always there to take it. He stole a ridiculous amount of gold from the honest businessmen of the age.
  • King Richard
KR broke many of his own records in his drive to beat Rufus at the money game. He reached a level of Net Worth not seen in recorded memory. Over 10k gold before the Last Battle.
  • Colossus of Chaos and Conflict: Doylin Moore
The Dark One may have taken a vacation this age, but His touch was still felt on the world in the form of Doylin Moore. Though the Shadow presence was small this round, it still made the leaders of the Light clans second guess their plans knowing he was around to oppose them.
  • Lord of Light and Liberty: Davram alCaar
Though many warriors of the Light distinguished themselves in the Last Battle, it was Davram alCaar that is awarded the largest share of Glory with his last minute charge to save Falme from being destroyed. He realized the battle to save one of his own clan's cities was hopeless, and put the call out to the rest of the world that we should focus our efforts on saving Falme instead.
  • Horde Whore: Dana Ruger
Dana missed the first week of this age, but was determined to prove any character could still catch up to those who hadn't. By hunting hordes as much as possible, not only did she catch up, but she also ended up passing all others to claim the Highest Experience title before the end of the age.
  • Slayer of Armies: Upton Sinclair
If Dana left any hordes around for long, Upton found them and used his precious Horn of Valere to kill the armies. They never knew what hit them before they fell before him.
  • Kicker of Shins: Lyra Machidor
Lyra has the distinction of being the most notable lower level character to beat up higher level players.
  • Best Estate Name: The community was unable to pick just one or two. So all of the ones mentioned are winners!
  • Stay off the Lawn, Plain of Lances
  • I|Really|Like|World's|End spread across 5 estates in World's End.
  • Harlequin's Revelry in Black Hills
  • KR is old news :P in Spine of the World
  • Dahlhalla in Braem Wood