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Each clan has an item vault. Members of the clan can donate items to the vault from their inventory. These items are then flagged as clan items (see below) of that clan. Once an item is in the vault, any member of the clan may then withdraw it to use. Clan Vault size is limited, but can be upgraded by the clan leaders.

Clan Items

Items donated to the vault are flagged as clan items. Items flagged in this way cannot be sold, marketed, or traded. If a ter'angreal is used on a clan item or if a ter'angreal that is flagged as a clan item is used on an item, the resulting item will be flagged as a clan item as well. Upon leaving a clan, all clan items currently in that members inventory will automatically be returned to the vault.

Withdrawing an item

Any member of the clan can select an item or items from the vault and then withdraw that item to use as they wish. Only items that are not in use by other clan members may be withdrawn. When viewing the vault list, items that are available will be Blue, items in your inventory will be purple and items in use by other players will be red.

Returning an item

When you are done with a clan item and wish to return it to the vault, simply return to the vault page, select the item, and click 'Return selected'. Only the member using the item or a clan leader can return items. Clan leaders do not need permission to return items to the vault and are capable of doing so without warning.

Selling an item (leaders only)

Due to the limited space in the vault, clan leaders may choose to sell items that are no longer of use to the clan. The item is sold for 1/4 its value and the funds are placed in the clan bank.

Updated for v17[edit]