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You can talk to other players in two different chat areas: Tel'aran'rhiod and on the private Clan page. Both are pretty easy to use. Just type in your message, and hit Enter, or click the Send button. In both chats, only the 200 most-recent messages are displayed, with the newest at the top, oldest at the bottom. Chat automatically includes the posting user's name and how long ago the post was made. Both chats also have a little reminder under the entry field to help you remember which character you're posting as before you hit send. In ages past, many people have given up their secret character's identities by losing track of which character they are logged into, or it can cause some confusion when one person is talking and another answers as if it's the same person. This is meant to help stop the confusion, more than help them keep their secrets, but it will hopefully help both causes.

Also, both chats have a wee bit of a slow refresh rate, mostly to keep the game's host from getting mad at us. So keep that in mind when waiting for a response. You can always manually refresh if you know someone else is going to respond quickly. This can also cause some confusion when someone responds before you post something, but your chat hadn't refreshed, so you didn't see it.


Woohoo! Everyone can party in the Dreamworld. Well sort of...

Tel'aran'rhiod is a pop-out window that can be found under the Messages menu on the navbar. This is the global chat system where you can chat with anyone else playing GoS. This area also has a link to the game's Facebook page if you're interested in joining that group.


As with the real Tel'aran'riod, it is important for you to not enter this version too fully. In other words: Do not spam the global chat! The Creator will punish those who do. (NOT JOKING!)

Please keep in mind the 1st rule from the Official Rules:

  1. I will act considerately towards all players.
    • No spamming chat or messages. Try to keep all in game public chat mostly game related. Deviating into Real Life topics a little is acceptable, but just remember that chat isn't your personal chat room. You can talk about what you want to in personal messages and we do have a Facebook group if you want to get to know more about each other outside of GoS.
    • In character taunts are allowed, but don't let attacks get personal. This is just a game and the characters people play as don't necessarily reflect a person's personality in Real Life. The game should be welcoming to all. If you don't like someone, at least be civil.

T'A'R is meant to be used, but the Creator and the other players still need to be able to make sure questions don't go unanswered and reported bugs don't go unnoticed. So please keep that in mind.

Also, if there are any game-wide discussions about changes or any major arguments, it is preferred that those be taken to the game's Forum

Clan Chat[edit]

Clan chat is only viewable from the clan page, under the Clan menu of the navbar.

Rules are a little more relaxed in clan chats. The Creator still asks that we keep them civil and relatively clean, but as a basic rule of thumb, Leaders and Sub Leaders are in charge of policing their own chats. It is, for the most part, left to their discretion what content (real life stuff vs game related etc.) is allowed and what isn't, but The Creator still can pop in occasionally to make sure things aren't out of control.

Clan chat is technically private, but can be seen by anyone if the clan is left on 'open invite'. Leaders may want to consider closing their clan by switching to 'invite only' to keep things even more private. You can change this in the Clan Settings area.

Why is My Name a Different Color in Chat???[edit]

Names in chat can vary in color.

  • Blue names are non-donors
  • Red names are donors
  • Orange names are only for The Creator and The Dark One.

Internet Explorer Sucks!!![edit]

Or so everyone says. There is a known problem with Chat not refreshing and things posted disappearing for those who use IE. You can fix this by changing something in your browser's settings. Just follow these instructions:

In the upper right hand corner, click:

  1. Tools
  2. Internet Options.
  3. Then in the General tab, click the Settings button in the Browsing History section.
  4. Click the Every Time I Visit the Page option and select OK.

This should fix the problem, but if it doesn't, please contact The Creator.

Note: Win 10's new browser still may not work. The Creator is working on it. Hopefully.

Updated for v17[edit]