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As you fight other players, NPCs, or Hordes, you gain experience points, which allow you to level up. Only the offensive player (who initiated the battle) can receive experience points.

Experience Gain[edit]

The experience gain for a fight depends on the type of opponent, the strength of the opponent and the level difference between you and the opponent.


Strength is a combination of the percentage of equipment points used by a character and the percentage of the character's remaining stamina. Since your equipment points play a bigger factor in the outcome of the battle, they are weighted 3 times as much as stamina. Here's the formula:

Strength = (((Equipped Points Used)/(Max Equip Points))*3 + ((Stamina)/(Max Stamina)))/4
Strength = ((Percent of Equip Points Used)*3 + (Percent of Stamina remaining))/4

A character's strength will be displayed as an Equipped level on the Nearby page and the full player list. There will be 6 different levels to show a character's Strength:

Strength Levels
85-100 Heavy
70-85 Strong
55-70 Fair
40-55 Light
25-40 Damaged
0-25 Broken

The number will be used for the actual calculations, but these strength levels will be what is displayed in game.

Your Strength will be used as a factor in both the experience you gain from battles and for points earned for things like Clan Battles, tournaments, and the Last Battle.

Experience Calculations[edit]

Here are the formulas that will be used for earning experience:

LevelDiff = AttackerLevel - DefenderLevel (Cannot be greater than +5 or less than -15)
StrengthDiff = AttackerStrength - DefenderStrength

(Note: All NPCs & Hordes use a Strength of 90).

Opponent Base Experience
Player 20 + LevelDiff - (StrengthDiff/15)
NPC 15 + LevelDiff - (StrengthDiff/15)
Horde/Army 50 + LevelDiff - (StrengthDiff/15)

If you lose, you receive half of what you would have if you had won. The game code does track decimals in many statistics, so you may see slight inconsistencies in the number changes as display rounding comes and goes.

Leveling Up[edit]

As you battle, your character will gain experience. After gaining a certain amount of experience, your character will level up. An increase in level will:

  • Raise the character's health by 10,
  • Raise the character's max stamina by 1,
  • Raise the character's skill points available (increases by character's level/15 + 1 , rounded down, each level)
  • Raise the number of equip points the character can use by 15.
  • Raise the character's Profession points available (1 every 5 levels)
  • Allow the character to choose an additional specialized classes (1 every 20 levels)
  • Allow the character to build new estates (1 every 20 levels, starting at level 10)

When you reach a new level, you will receive a notifications in the Player menu of the navbar next to the Skills and profession links to alert you that you have new skill points and profession points.

Note: Experience needed to level up increases slightly as you progress to higher levels.

Updated for v15[edit]