Horn of Valere

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The Horn of Valere is a special item that can be found by players, very similar to the Dark One's prison Seals. There is of course, only one Horn to be had unlike the 7 Seals.

How Can I Find It?[edit]

Once the first player hits level 20, the Horn will start randomly showing up in item drops when you defeat NPCs. Once found the player holding the Horn will be identified on the Rumors page, but will not have an icon by their name elsewhere (to let them hide a little). If a player holds the Horn, other players can duel them for a chance to steal it.

Steal % chance = 10 + (Seal holder's level) - (Attacker's level)

Duels over the Horn earn an extra 1 Ji for the winning player.

Woohoo! Found it! Now what?[edit]

The holder of the Horn can blow it during horde attacks from the Rumors page. The Horn sounder has the option of which side they want to target: Horde or Army. Blowing the Horn will cut the health of the targeted horde/army in half of it's current value. Using the Horn on a horde will raise the Sounder's alignment by 100. Targeting an army will lower it by 100.

Once the Horn is used, it will be removed from the Sounder's inventory. It can then be found from NPC drops again by any player and the cycle begins again.

The Last Battle[edit]

Once the Last Battle starts, the Horn can no longer be blown. But the Last Battle is when it's SUPPOSED to be blown, right? Well it will be. The Horn is blown every hour automatically and the Heroes of the Horn will fight for whichever side holds the Horn!

When the Last Battle starts, the side of the player holding the Horn earns a bonus 800 points. Then every hour during the Last Battle, whichever side holds the Horn will earn 100 points towards their side. Doesn't matter if the player holds it for the whole hour or just the last 2 seconds. All that matters is who has it when the hour changes. When the Last Battle ends, the side holding the Horn earns a bonus 2,500 points.

So if you add that all up (800 + 167*100 + 2500), that's 20,000 points that can be earned by holding the Horn. There is a chance that the Horn may not be held by anyone at an hour change (due to it being used before the Last Battle starts). If that happen, neither side gets those point.

After the Last Battle is over, the Horn will vanish from whoever has it so it can be found again when it's needed for the next Age.

Happy Hunting!

Updated for v17[edit]