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Once the game reaches a certain point, players will begin finding the Seals to the Dark One's prison. As you would guess, there are 7 total seals so no more than 7 will exist.

Finding the Seals[edit]

The 1st Seal becomes available once a player reaches level 50. As long as no seals have been found, level 50 players will always find the 1st seal in NPC drops. So if a player reaches level 50 but only duels and doesn't battle NPCs, they won't get the seal.

The 2nd and 3rd seals can be found as random NPC drops once the 1st seal is found. Odds of receiving a seal are 1/60000 * the players level. So a level 60 player would have a 1/1000 chance of finding a seal. They can be found by any player as long as they have an open spot in their inventory and don't currently have a Seal, but the higher level players have better odds.

The 4th and 5th can be found after a player hits level 60, with the same odds as the 2nd and 3rd seal had. The 6th and 7th seals can be found after a player hits level 70, again with the same odds.

Holding a Seal[edit]

Players who hold a seal will be marked as a target with an icon by their name on the Nearby lists and on their profile. There will also be a list on the Rumors page of all players holding a seal. A Player cannot hold more than 1 seal at a time. Seals cannot be traded, sold, donated to clan, or sent to an estate. Seals can be dropped in Wilderness Areas though. If you drop a seal, it becomes available for other players to find.

All duels with only one player (not both) that holds a seal earns the winning player an extra 1 experience point. If both players hold a seal, no bonus experience is earned.

Stealing a Seal[edit]

If a player who does not have a seal attacks and defeats a player who is holding one in a duel, the attacking player has a chance to steal the Seal from that player. The odds to steal the seal are based on the attacking player's level and level of the player holding the seal. Formula is as follows:

Steal % chance = 10 + (Seal holder's level) - (Attacker's level)

So if a level 50 player attacks a level 55 player holding a seal, they have a 15% chance of stealing the seal (10+55-50). There are a couple restrictions though. Steal chance cannot be less than 5% or greater than 20%. So if a level 1 player without a seal beats a level 100 with a seal, they still just have a 20% chance to take it. In order to steal the seal, the attacking player also must have room in their inventory for it.

Seal Rumors[edit]

Keeping track of who has a seal and how long they've had it can be done via the Rumors page linked to from each city. The page shows all seven seals. If the seal has been found, it shows: who has it, where they are currently, and how long they've had it. For seals that have not yet been found (or have been dropped and must be re-found), it will either say "Seal not yet recovered" if the seal is available to be found or "Seal still unavailable" if the top player's level isn't high enough yet for the seal to be recovered.

Seals in Cities[edit]

Once a player has held onto a Seal for 24 hours straight, they can place the Seal into any city ruled by the player's current clan. The player simply has to go to the Rumors page and an option will appear below the table with the Seals to Add Seal to a City, with a drop down menu listing all possible cities. If the player is not in a clan or their clan rules no cities, the player cannot put their seal into a city.

Once the Seal is in a city, the Rumors page will then list the owner of the seal as the clan that rules the city the seal is in. Neither the player nor their clan can remove the seal once it has been placed there.

If a seal is placed in a city, that city receives special bonuses:

  • +50 to City Defense each hour
  • +5 Silver Marks income each hour
  • +5 Chaos each hour
  • Increased chance of horde attacks (exact % increase hard to define due to way formula is calculated)
  • +1 Local Ji earned for all Duels within the city (both player and clan Ji)

If the clan loses control of the city that has a seal, the seal stays with the city and the new ruler will be listed as the owner. If a horde successfully attacks a city holding a seal, the seal is lost and must be re-found by a player from NPC drops. If a clan loses a clan battle in a city that holds a seal but remains in control of the city (clan battle results aren't enough to change ruler), the seal is lost and must be re-found from an NPC drop.

Breaking of the Seals[edit]

Once the first player reaches level 80, a random seal will break at the next hour change. This triggers a countdown to the Last Battle. (which can be viewed on the Rumors page.) Another random seal will break every 5 days until all are broken (so the last one will break 30 days after someone reaches level 80). Once the last seal breaks, the Last Battle begins...

Updated for v17[edit]