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The world of WoT is one of balance. The Creator and his champion bring order, while The Dark One and his Chosen sow chaos. Where there is chaos, the Dark One's presence is more strongly felt. Where there is order, he is weaker. So shall it be in GoS!

Order and Chaos[edit]

All cities have two stats: Order and Chaos. Order will be visible and used to determine how much influence the DO has in the city. Think of it like alignment, but for cities. The higher the Order, the more protected by the Light the city is. The lower the Order, the more the Shadow falls over the city.

Chaos behaves a little differently. Chaos is not visible to players, but used to lower the Order in a city. Every hour, 5-25% of the Chaos a city has (rounded up) is used to cancel out that much from the city's Order. So if a city has 100 Order and 20 Chaos at hour change, somewhere between 1-5 will be subtracted from the Order. So if it was 5, you'd have 95 Order and 15 Chaos.

The reason for the delay instead of just simply having things that raise Chaos subtract immediately from Order is that the delay makes it harder to tell who's actions are causing the Order to fall. Players will have the ability to affect a city's Order/Chaos levels, and if it was obvious who was working to spread Chaos that city's ruler could easily retaliate. But if the player works from the shadows to sow their Chaos, it might take a little more work to figure out who to blame.

Here are the things that will affect the Order/Chaos of cities that no one individual will have control over:

  • The more Ji the ruling clan has than its closest rival, the more Order raises (1 per 500 Ji of ruling clan at hour change. Max 10)
  • The more players in a city at hour change that have been there for at least 30 minutes, the more Order raises (1 per 2 characters. Max 10)
  • Hordes targeting a city raises the Chaos (50)
  • Defeating a horde targeting a city raises Order (100)
  • Hordes successfully attacking a city raises Chaos (50)
  • City army being defeated raises Chaos (50)
  • Clan battles in a city raise Chaos (25 + 1 per 100 Ji the battle is worth)
  • Ruling clan losing a clan battle raises Chaos (100)

The alignment of the clan ruling each city will also have an hourly effect on order and chaos.

  • Light ruler: +2 Order hourly
  • Lean Light ruler: +1 Order hourly
  • Neutral ruler: No change
  • Lean Shadow ruler: -1 Order hourly
  • Shadow ruler: -2 Order hourly

In addition, individuals can use their offices to add either Order or Chaos in that city.

Effects on cities based on their Order will be in comparison to other cities. So even if all cities get their Order up to above 1000, the ones with the lowest Order will be most greatly influenced by the Shadow when the Last Battle comes around.

Updated for v17[edit]