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The Age is coming to an end. The Seals are weakening and the Dark One again touches the world. You will experience the first signs of his touches in the form of two different types of Bubbles of Evil.

Individual Bubbles of Evil[edit]

There are two types of Bubbles of Evil. The first type are small, individual sized bubbles. When players explore Wilderness Areas (battle NPCs), they have a small chance of encountering one of these bubbles instead of a regular NPC. The battle will be just like a regular NPC battle, but the Bubble's stats are an almost exact mirror of your own. The only difference is bubbles of evil will be 2 levels above you, so they will have slightly more health than you. This will help balance things out a bit since the player will always get the first hit since Speed and First strike stats will match.

Defeating a Bubble of Evil will result in the same experience and Ji gain a normal NPC battle would and will count as battling a Shadowspawn NPC type. A perk of defeating a Bubble of Evil is that they will always drop Ter'angreal, with slightly better odds of it being a better Ter'angreal. Even though defeating a Bubble of Evil is kinda like fighting against the Dark One, battling them does NOT affect the player's alignment since Shadow players aren't actively choosing to fight them.

The odds of encountering a Bubble of Evil instead of a normal NPC are small, but get higher the more you level up. Here's the formula:

Bubble chance = ((Player level /10) round down) / 1000

So if a player is below level 10, they will not encounter Bubbles. Once they hit level 10, they have a 1 in 1000 chance. 2 in 1000 at level 20, 3 in 1000 at level 30, etc. So the stronger your character gets, the more likely the Bubbles of Evil are to be drawn to you.

City Bubbles of Evil[edit]

The second type of Bubbles are large scale Bubbles of Evil that can occur and affect cities instead of just an individual player. These Bubbles can occur whenever a horde would attack a city if it's undefeated (20 hours after the horde appears).

If a Bubble appears depends on the following factors:

  • If the horde is left unchecked and successfully attacks the city, a Bubble will appear.
  • If no Seals have been found, there is a 20% chance of a Bubble appearing.
  • For each seal held by a player, the chance increases by 4%.
  • For each seal held by a city, the chance increases by 8%.

So if all seals have been found and are held by cities, there's a 76% chance of a Bubble appearing for each horde.

Choosing a Target[edit]

Where the Bubble occurs will NOT be tied to where the horde is or who it is targeting. If a Bubble appears, it will target a randomly chosen city. However, the cities with lower Order will have a greater chance of being targeted. The exact amount of Order a city has in not important, but how it compares to the other cities is. Odds of the Bubble striking a specific city are:

Bubble strike odds = (city rank by Order) / 300.

For those wondering, 300 is the total of adding up all the numbers 1 through 24. So the city with the highest order has a 1 in 300 chance (~0.3%) of it targeting them, 2nd highest has 2 in 300, and so on down to the city with the lowest order having a 24 in 300 chance (8%). So the city with lowest Order is 24 times more likely to be targeted by the Bubble than the city with the highest Order.

Results of City Bubbles[edit]

When a Bubble appears, a randomly chosen negative effect will immediately happen in the city. No warning is given to the city or its Ruler; it just happens. Possible Bubble effects are (just one of these per Bubble):

  • -10% City Defense
  • -20% City Bank
  • Loss of a City Upgrade (Random upgrade goes down 1 level, similar to if a horde attacks)
  • 25% loss of Equipment items in shop (number of each item in the shop is reduced by 25%, rounded up)
  • 25% loss of Consumable items in shops (number of each consumable in the shops is reduced by 25%, rounded up)

After a Bubble occurs, rumors will begin to spread about what happened. This info will show up on the Rumors page under the City Rumors page.

Updated for v15[edit]