Wilderness Areas

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Wilderness Areas are the areas in between Cities. Each one is one of six different Terrain Types, and depending on your nationality, can give you a defensive bonus if it is a favored type.

Things to do in Wilderness Areas:

  • Explore - Explore the area and encounter NPCs to battle. If you defeat an NPC, they will sometimes drop items for you to claim if you have room in your Inventory. If you click on the wilderness map, you can explore specific sections of the area. This is helpful when you're searching for a specific NPC for Find Quests, as your target will not move. Clicking the Explore button will randomly choose a section to explore.
  • Hunt - If you have a quest to defeat a certain type of NPC, you will be able to hunt specifically for that type and only encounter them. If you have multiple quests for multiple NPCs, Hunting will cause you to randomly encounter one of the types you're hunting for.
  • Hordes and Armies- Occasionally, Hordes will show up in wildernesses and target a nearby city. To fight them, or the city's defending army, travel to the wilderness it is attacking from and click the Horde link, or the Army link to initiate a battle.

Wilderness Areas also allow you to purchase upgradeable Estates for various bonuses.

Updated for v17[edit]