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Clans can gain control of Cities. Control of a City is based on the clan's Ji in each one. A clan's Ji in a city will increase by about 4 when a member wins a duel in that city. When a clan member wins a duel or beats an NPC in a wilderness area, that clan's score will increase by about 1 point in each of the 4 surrounding cities. The level and strength of the clan member's opponent effects the amount of the score increase: a little more for a higher level or stronger opponent and a little less for a weaker or lower level opponent.

City Ownership[edit]

City ownership transfers at every hour to whichever clan has the highest Ji.

For example, let's say the standings in Tar Valon happen to be as follows:

  1. The Golden Company - 709 Ji
  2. The White Tower - 707 Ji
  3. DIVAS - 703 Ji
  4. The Legion of the Dragon - 679 Ji

If The White Tower was the highest at the last hour change, they would still control the city even though The Golden Company had more wins than they did at this moment. If the Golden Company maintains their lead to the next hour, they will take control of the city.

The reason for this method was to prevent the rapid switching of control every few minutes in a contentiously sought after city. If it was purely most wins at the time, it'd be pretty hard for any of the top 3 clans in the above example to do anything if they took control as someone could quickly take it back.

Supporting Allies[edit]

Clans that are allied to each other can support one another in cities. The supporting clan will not be in contention to control the city. Half of their Ji score will be added onto the supported clan's total Ji used to determine leadership.

Let's suppose this is the current standings in Caemlyn.

Clan Ji Supporting Total Ji
The Black Tower 700 - 1600
Mutto's Revenge 1300 - 1300
NVS 1000 Black Tower -
Silver Legion 800 Black Tower -

While Mutto's Revenge has the highest Ji themselves, the support from Silver Legion and NVS push the Black Tower over the top. Also note that both the NVS and Silver Legion have no 'Total Ji' Since they are supporting another clan. The standings page also includes who's supporting, so it will be easier to tell.

This system allows for control to change more quickly if alliances change. For instance, if the Silver Legion were to decide they no longer wanted to support the Black Tower in Caemlyn, the standings would shift and control would change (at the next hour).

Clan Ji Supporting Total Ji
Mutto's Revenge 1300 - 1300
The Black Tower 700 - 1200
Silver Legion 800 - 800
NVS 1000 Black Tower -

If the NVS stops supporting the Black Tower too and the Legion then decides to support the NVS instead...

Clan Ji Supporting Total Ji
NVS 1000 - 1400
Mutto's Revenge 1300 - 1300
The Black Tower 700 - 700
Silver Legion 800 NVS -

And so on.

Benefits to controling a City[edit]

Controlling a City grants multiple benefits to the ruling clan:

  • The ruling clan gets a share from the City Bank every hour.
  • Clan leaders can buy City Upgrades, increasing city taxes and giving bonuses to clan members.
  • Clan leaders can create Tournaments in the cities they control.
  • Clan leaders get access to City Settings from the City Hall page.
  • Certain clan bonuses only apply in areas the clans control.

Updated for v15[edit]