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In the Wheel of Time books, 'Ji' is the Aiel term for Honor. Think of Ji as your score for your accomplishments (or failings) in the game. The more 'good' things you do, the higher your Ji. Ji is earned by individuals, and also by Clans.

Individual Ji[edit]

A player's Ji is affected by duels, NPCs, quests, and tournaments. After battles, Ji is awarded based on how much experience you gain from the battle. The amount of Ji you gain for a win is a small fraction of the experience you gain. (1/20th for duels; 1/40th for npcs). However, unlike experience, when you lose a battle you LOSE Ji! As it's still based on the experience you gain, you will only lose half the Ji you would have gained from a win, but it still is a decrease.

Another difference between experience and Ji is that you can gain and lose Ji for battles in which you are defending (ie. somebody else duels you). So if you Duel someone and win, your Ji goes up and theirs goes down. So if you're neck-and-neck with someone else on top of the Ji list, you beating them can help you gain an advantage.

Completing Quests also raises your Ji (auto-generated quests only; no Ji for player generated quests):

  • Find quests: 6-10 based on the difficulty of the target
  • NPC quests: 2-10 based on the difficulty of the target and the number of times you must defeat them.
  • Item quests: 1-5 based on the number of items you submit
  • Horde quests: Horde quests give between 3 and 12 (based on which NPC you're battling in the area plus the health modifier / 5)
  • Escort quests: Escort quests give 1 Ji per 4 steps (to the target city).

Winning Tournaments is another way to earn Ji. Depending on the tournament's prize distribution, the top players of a tournament earn Ji for their performance.

The Hunting Grounds upgrade for Estates will give a boost to your Ji earned in that area.

Clan Ji[edit]

Clans have two kinds of Ji.

Global Ji[edit]

This is their Ji earned from all actions of its members anywhere in the world and is used to rank all clans. This score can be found by visiting the 'All Clans' page in game. Clans must earn a minimum level of global Ji in order to purchase higher level upgrades. For more info on that, click here.

Local Ji[edit]

This is the Ji earned by clan members within a city or the 4 surrounding Wilderness Areas. Clans earn Ji from its members dueling or beating NPCs, or by winning Clan Battles. Local Ji is used to determine control of cities and the actions a clan is able to do in their local Clan Office.

A clan's Ji in a city will increase by about 4 when a member wins a duel in that city. When a clan member wins a duel or beats an NPC in a wilderness area, that clan's score will increase by about 1 point in each of the 4 surrounding cities. The level and Strength of the clan member's opponent affects the amount of the score increase: a little more for a higher level opponent and a little less for a lower level opponent etc.

If a clan wins a Clan Battle, their local Ji will increase significantly. Clan Battles do not affect Global Ji however.

Updated for v17[edit]