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Estates are Upgradeable Places in Wilderness Areas that give you various bonuses

At level 10 you can buy your first estate and then another every 20 levels after that (30, 50, 70, etc). However, you cannot own more than 1 estate per wilderness area. There also must be a spot available in that wilderness area to build one.

Each wilderness area is divided into 25 plots (the 5x5 grid used for Exploring and Quests). When you build your estate, you choose which plot to build on. However, at the beginning of the game there can only be 1 estate per plot. 25 plots in 24 wilderness areas adds up to 600 plots available at the beginning. Once 80% of the all the plots are claimed (so 480), the limit will be raised to 2 per plot. If it hits 80% claimed again (960 of 1,200), it will be raised to 3 per plot. And so on.

Estate level[edit]

Level Improvements Ji Perk
Tent - 0 You own an Estate!
Cabin 5 5 Can build level 3 improvements
House 10 10 Can purchase wilderness specific upgrades
Lodge 15 25 Can build level 4 improvements
Manor 20 50 Recover 1 stamina hourly in this area
Hamlet 25 100 Can build level 5 improvements
Village 30 150 Can give your estate a name
Gain access to the Nearby Quests tab
Town 35 200 Discount on Estate upgrades in all OTHER estates you own


There are 10 improvements you can buy, with 5 levels in each improvement.

Upgrade Effect Range
Guard House +3x% damage in Wilderness area 3-15%
Walls +3x% defense in Wilderness area 3-15%
Store House Increases size of Estate inventory 6-18
Hunting Grounds +5x% Player Ji vs NPCs in Wilderness area 5-25%
Patrols 10x% chance for bonus items in Estate 10-50%
Roads 1x% discount in Surrounding Cities 1-5%
Tax Collector Estate Level x Tax Collector Level x 50cp
When a non-ally and non-alt runs a battle in your estate grid.
50cp to 20sm
Local Maps 2x Luck in Wilderness area 2-10
Square Earn bonus coin for completing quests in this area
600cp x Quest Difficulty x Estate Level x Square Level
6sm to 24g
Wilderness Unique Produces wilderness specific product used for upgrading cities. 1-5 per hour

Wilderness Production[edit]

The goods produced every hour by your estate will be stored in the estate until the owner chooses to sell them. An estate can store up to 100 times what it produces an hour. If the estates storage is full, production will be stopped until the goods are sold. When selling goods, all goods stored must be sold at once (no selling 100 at a time to different cities or saving some for later). Price will be based on the number of that good in the buying city. The less of that good the city has, the more money you'll make.

You can also choose to donate your goods to your clan instead. Clan leaders will then be able to transfer the goods to any city they rule to help buy upgrades.

Wild Type Upgrade Produces
Plains Fields Grains
Hills Ranch Livestock
Forests Sawmill Lumber
Mountains Quarry Stone
Oceans Docks Fish
Wastelands Trade Route Luxuries

Nearby Quests[edit]

When your estate reaches the Village level, you'll have access to a 'Nearby Quests' tab. With that, you'll be able to see and accept all the quests that the nearby cities have available for that wilderness area.


Level 1 for the first improvement is 25 silver. The second one is where it gets complicated. If you were to build a different improvement, say Walls, it would be Level 1 for a second improvement. 25 x 2 x 1 = 50 silver. However, if instead you decided to raise your Hunting grounds to level 2, that'd be level 2 for 2nd improvement. 25 x 2 x 2 = 1 gold. If your 10th improvement is raising Hunting grounds to level 3, that'd be 25 x 10 x 3 = 7g 50s. If you manage to max out your estate, your 50th improvement would be a level 5 improvement. 25 x 50 x 5 = 62g 50s.

The price of improvements for your additional estates will cost more. For your second estate, it will 50% more expensive: 37s 50c x (number of improvements+1) x (level). Improvements for your 3rd estate will be 100% more than the first (50s), 150% more for the 4th (62s50c), 200% for the 5th (75s), and so on.

Getting an estate to a Town cuts 25% off that increase for all estates you bought after this one. So if you get your first Estate to a Town, the base cost for upgrades on your second estate will be +25% the cost of your first (31s 25c), +75% for the third (43s 75c), etc. If you get your second estate up to a Town before your first, your first estates upgrades base cost will still be 25s, second estate will still be 37s 50c, but the third will only be 43s 75c.

Updated for v17[edit]