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Randomly Generated Quests[edit]

Each city has 4 randomly generated quests available at a time. These will be made up of Find, Item, Horde, and NPC quests. Completing these randomly generated quests will earn you reward coin, or a specified item. It will also contribute slightly to a your clan's Ji in the city the quest was offered from.

To submit the quests, simply go to the Quests page, then click the Submit button next to any completed quests.

Note: There must be room in your inventory to submit a quest for a reward item.

NPC Quests[edit]

NPC quests are quests to beat certain NPCs a certain number of times in a certain wilderness area.


Attacks on Neald's Merchants
Type: NPC
Offered By: Mistress Neald
From: Lugard
Expires: 1 day
Reward: Body armor
Damane are threatening Mistress Neald's Merchants in the Plains of Maredo.
Defeat 25 Damanes in the Plains of Maredo and you will be rewarded.

Pretty simple and straight forward. Once you beat the desired number of the specific NPC,(in the example, 25 Damanes) you may submit your quest to receive your reward. (In this case, a leveled Body Armor)

Items Quests[edit]

Item quests are your standard fetch quest. The quest will specify how many of what item type you need to find and where you need to take them. So if the quest is for 4 Bows, you simply need to take any 4 Bows to the city. Your reward will be 110% of the combined value of the items you submitted, so the better the items you submit, the better your reward.


Roon in Lugard Wants Swords
Type: Items
Offered By: Mistress Roon
From: Lugard
Expires: 1 day
Reward: 110% Value

Mistress Roon is in need of swords for the defense of the city.
Bring 4 Swords (Any prefix or suffix) to Lugard.

Note: Item quests can only be submitted in the city they were issued from.

Find Quests[edit]

In a find quest, you will be tasked with locating and defeating a specific NPC within a certain wilderness location. Upon accepting the quest, that NPC's exact location will be randomly chosen for that specific player, preventing players from finding the NPC and revealing it's location to others for easy completion.

Each wilderness area is broken down into 25 smaller areas in a 5x5 grid. Each smaller area can be accessed by clicking on that area within the grid. If this area is not the one with the target, a normal 'Explore' encounter will occur. If the correct area is chosen, you will battle the target NPC. If the NPC is defeated, you will receive a message on the battle screen that the quest is complete. If you fail to defeat the NPC, then your quest will continue, but the NPC will remain in the same location.

Target NPCs will be denoted by having the quest offerer's name before the NPC name. For example if the quest is from Master Al'caar to find and defeat a Bear, the NPC will be displayed as "Master Al'caar's Bear" as opposed to the normal "The Bear". NPCs that are targets of find quests will also be 2 levels higher than normal NPCs in that area, making it a much tougher battle.

Rewards are typically an item of a specified type and an appropriate 'level' for the player completing the quests.


Find Deosin's Guard Dog
Type: Find
Offered By: Master Deosin
From: Lugard
Expires: 10 hours
Reward: Leg armor

A Guard Dog is standing in Master Deosin's way in the Hills of Kintara.
Hunt down and exterminate this Guard Dog.

Escort Quests[edit]

In an Escort quest, the player will have to travel from the city the quest is offered in to a target city, 'escorting' an NPC along a specific route. In order to escort these NPCs, the player will need to travel using a specific travel link that will appear in the travel menu for each escort quest you have active if you are in the same location as the NPC you are supposed to be escorting. When you accept an Escort quest, a link will appear in the Travel menu that says something like, "Escort Mistress Surtovni." By clicking this link, you will advance the quest to the next area. Progress will not be made on these quests if you use the normal travel links, and the NPC character will remain where you left them last and will still be there when you return. This will allow you to leave and heal or repair gear etc while the quest is active. Whenever you arrive in a wilderness area, the Escort travel link will change to something like "Defend Mistress Surtovni." Clicking this link will trigger a random NPC battle. An NPC must be defeated before you can move on. As an added wrinkle, for each NPC battle you lose while clicking on the "Defend" link you must win an additional battle before moving on. So if you lose a lot, you could be there a while. Once you have more wins than losses while defending, the "Defend" link will change back to "Escort" and you can continue on your way.

These quests will also vary in length of the escort. They will be marked in the quest info so you will know how long they will be.

Length Steps
Quick 8
Short 16
Standard 24
Winding 32
Scenic 40

Once you finally arrive at your destination, submit the quest and you will be rewarded with coin. Escort quest pay will be 10cp x number of steps x level of the player.


Escort Surtovni to Lugard
Type: Escort
Offered By: Mistress Surtovni
From: Maradon
Expires: 2 days
Reward: Leveled Coin

Mistress Surtovni must journey the Short way to Lugard for business that must not be disrupted. Protect Mistress Surtovni to help the cause.

Horde Quests[edit]

Horde quests are similar to NPC quests, but instead of needing to defeat a certain number of a kind of NPC, you will need to do a certain amount of total damage to the 'horde.' To fight these hordes, go to the specified wilderness area and click the Hunt button.

The health of these hordes will be based on the health of the player when they accept the quest. The size of each horde will be marked in the quest info.

Size x Health of Player
Tiny 10
Small 15
Average 20
Large 25
Huge 30

Once you have defeated the horde, submit the quest and receive a leveled item as a reward.


A herd of Crolm in Paerish Swar
Type: Horde
Offered By: Mistress Caide
From: Bandar Eban
Expires: 1 days
Reward: Sword

A Small herd of Crolm is rampaging across Paerish Swar. Stop the herd from menacing the area.

Why are my Quests different Colors???[edit]

The different colored quests are alignment based. By completing the different colors, you can gain or lose alignment points based on the the color.

  • Blue Quests = Light and positive alignment shift
  • Orange Quests = Neutral and no alignment shift
  • Red Quests = Shadow and negative alignment shift

Player Generated Quests[edit]

Players are able to generate their own quests for other players to complete. Any player may offer Duel or Item quest. Leaders of clans that have a Clan Office in that city will be able to offer Clan Quests. So someone is pestering you? Open a quest to target them! Looking for a specific item or Ter'angreal? Open a quest to have someone else find it for you. An enemy clan getting a little too big for their britches? Open a quest to target them! Heck, looking for a challenge? Open a quest to target yourself or your own clan!

When you create a quest, you set the type, target, number of players who can complete the quest, and a reward. If the reward is an item, you must have that item unequipped in your inventory. (Giving items as rewards is currently disabled. The Creator Found a bug but was not able to fix it in time for launch. He will fix it for next version.)If it's gold, you must have that much gold in you pocket (not in the bank). If you set the quest to be able to be completed by multiple people, you must have enough items/coin to satisfy all possible quests that can then be completed. If you're creating a clan quest, the reward item must be in the vault and the coin will come from the clan bank. When the quest is created, the reward will then be taken from your inventory to ensure the reward is available when players complete the quest.

Player generated quests will appear in the available quests lists in the city they were created (you must be in a city to create a quest). If you want to offer a quest in multiple cities, you'd have to create multiple quests with the same objective/rewards in each. Player generate quest are automatically set to expire 7 days after their creation, so if the quest is not completed by then it will be removed from the quests list. Any unclaimed reward will simply be lost.

Item Quests[edit]

Player generated item quests are like regular item quests. The quest will specify how many of what item you need to find and where you need to take them. The item in question could be a specific item with specific prefix and/or suffix ter'angreal on it, or it could ask for no ter'angreal usage.

Note: Unlike regular item quests, these to not have to be submitted in the city they were issued from. You can submit them anywhere.

Duel Quests[edit]

In Duel quests, your objective is to duel and defeat the target player a certain number of times. Simple as that.

Note: If you're a Donor, Double Dueling will still only count for 1 duel win towards the Quest.

Clan Quests[edit]

Clan quests are very similar to duel quests, only your target is any member of a specific clan. Wins can be against a single member of the specified clan, or multiple members. All that matters is you win. Clan Quests can be accepted and completed by anyone in the game, but only Leaders and Sub Leaders of clans may create them.

Support Quests[edit]

I'm a slacker. I haven't updated these yet. Here's the link to the forum post about them.


Updated for v15[edit]