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The Nearby list shows all players currently in the same area as you. The list includes information such as:

  • Name - Click to see full player profile
  • Ally or Enemy - denoted by flags next to players name: Blue for ally, Red for enemy
  • Classes & Weapon Focus - denoted by small icons unique to each class and weapon focus
  • Strength Level - how well equipped the player is (factor in experence calculation). Based on amount of Equip Points used and stamina left.
  • Alignment - How the player is alignment with respect to the Light and the Shadow
  • Local Ji - How much Ji the player has earned in the local area (cities only)
  • Coin - Amount of coin currently carried by player.
  • Level - Current level of player
  • Online - If the player has been active in the last 15 minutes

If you wish to duel the player, you can click the 'Duel' link to the left of the players name, or go into their profile and click the link from there.

You can also click on the boxes at the top to sort the list.

Updated for v17[edit]