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You can travel between the cities and Wilderness Areas on the map. In order to travel, you can either go to the world page and click on the arrow that goes in the direction you want to go, or use the Travel menu on the navbar.

From each city you can travel to four wilderness areas, and each wilderness area is connected to four cities. If you want to see how they are connected, click on the small map to bring up a larger world map. You can also use The Ways to help find your way. Traveling will lower your stamina by 1. If you have a horse that has stamina, the horse's stamina will be lowered instead. Traveling from a Wilderness area with a horde reduces stamina by 2. This is in addition to normal Travel stamina loss and always hits the player regardless of whether their horse is fed or not. So if you don't have a horse, you lose 3. If you have a fed horse, you lose 2 and your horse stamina goes down 1.

Updated for v17[edit]