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There are many items in the game that you can pick up or buy. To access these items and your equipped gear, go to the Inventory page by clicking your Character's menu on the navbar.


Basic info about this tab:

  • Shows the currently equipped items and allows you to change them via drop down lists for each equipment slot.
  • Shows the current stats from your equipped gear
  • Allows you to view potential changes to your gear's stats, without having to change your gear.

Equipment Points[edit]

Each item costs a certain number of equipment points to use and you can only use so many equipment points at a time. You also cannot use any item that uses more than half your total number of equipment points. Any item in your inventory that exceeds 50% of your total equipment points will not even be displayed in the drop-down menus when changing gear. Keep in mind that combining Ter'angreal with an equipped item may cause it to become unequipped if the new item exceeds the 50% rule.

Each character starts with 100 equipment points, and gains 15 more with each level. Some Ter'angreal and Skills can be used to reduce an item's required points.

Equipment Slots and Changing Gear[edit]

Each character has five slots to use various equipment or Ter'angreal with. Two hand or weapon slots, and three body or armor slots.

To change gear, simply use the drop down menus for each of the equipment slots and select the item you wish to equip, then click the Change Gear button.

Hand Slots[edit]

The two hand held equipment slots are filled with weapons, weaves, shields or some types of Ter'angreal. Those types include Figurines, Plaques and Rods. It is important to note that you can hold two weapons or Ter'angreal, but only if they are not the same type. So you can hold a Sword in one slot, and a Knife in the other, but not two Swords or two Knives. This was put in place to prevent a balancing issue. You also cannot dual wield Weaves or Shields for the same reason.

Note: There is also a restriction where Aiel characters cannot use Swords, so that is why a sword will not show up as a useable item in an Aiel's equipment slots even if it's in their inventory.

Body Slots[edit]

The three body slots can be used to equip cloaks, body armor, leg armor or some types of Ter'angreal. Those types include Rings, Headgear, Neckwear or Bracelets. The same rule applies to these slots as well. You cannot equip two of the same type of item.


Basic info about this tab:

  • Shows a list of all weapons, armor and Ter'Angreal in your inventory, and their state of repair, value and eq points required to use.
  • Allows you to Sell items. (Only if in a city. Note: You only get 50% of the item's value for selling it.)
  • Allows you to Cache or Uncache items.
  • Allows you to Donate items to your clan vault. (If you are in a clan.)
  • Allows you to Drop items. (Only if in a Wilderness area.)
  • Allows you to send items to your estate. (Only if in a wilderness area in which you own an estate and if there is room for it there.)

Inventory Storage Capacity[edit]

Each character starts out being able to only carry 15 items at one time. When your inventory is full, you will not be able to pick up, purchase or accept trade offers for any more until room is made. To make room, you can sell items, donate them to your clan's vault, drop them, send them to one of your estates, use them to complete item quests or put them up for sale on the Market. You can also purchase more storage capacity from the Outfitter in any city. You can also spend profession points in the Peddler profession to gain even more. Combining items and Ter'angreal at the Wise Woman in any city will also free up some spots.

Your storage space can be seen from the inventory page, but can also be found next to the Armor icon in the upper right corner of your screen, under the game banner.

Note: Some characters will start with a point in the Peddler profession and therefore start with 16 storage capacity.

Why's My Stuff Different Colors???[edit]

Some Items in your inventory will be different colors depending on their status.

  • Purple items are currently equipped, and cannot be sold, traded, dropped or moved in any way till unequipped, but they can be combined with Ter'angreal. So be careful.
  • Blue items can be used, but are not currently being used. They can be sold, combined, dropped, used in quests, traded, sent to estates and donated.
  • Red items cannot be used. Whether they require more than 50% of your total eq points, or whether they are restricted, they cannot be equipped and will not even show up in the menus. They can be sold, combined, dropped, used in quests, traded, sent to estates and donated.
  • Orange items without a check box next to them belong to the clan vault. They cannot be sold, sent to estates, dropped, used in quests or be traded. They can be combined with Ter'angreal, but the item still remains part of the clan vault, so keep that in mind. To return these items, go to the clan vault, select the item in question and click the Return Item button.
  • Orange items with a check box next to them are cached items. This is to prevent them from being sold, dropped or sent to an estate on accident. You can still do everything else with them however. To uncache them, select the item(s) and then click the Cache/Uncache button. Note: if a cached item is equipped, it will no longer be cached when unequipped.


Basic info about this tab:

  • Shows if any herbs, drinks or food are still in your character's system and for how many more battles they will be in effect.
  • Shows a list of all herb, drink and food items in your character's consumable inventory.
  • Allows you to ingest those consumable items to gain their temporary effects.
  • Allows you to sell or drop the items.

Consumable Storage Capacity[edit]

Each character starts with 4 storage capacity for consumables and one portion of "Old Broth" to get them started. You can purchase more storage from the Outfitter in any city, or invest in the Peddler profession.

Your storage capacity can be seen from the consumables tab, but can also be seen next to the Sack icon in the upper right side of the game screen.

Note: Some characters will start with a point in the Peddler profession and therefore start with 5 storage capacity.

Pass the Worrynot and the Oosquai Bro![edit]

There is a large variety of consumable items in the game, and each one has it's own set of effects. You can only use two items at a time though, and they are only temporary, lasting only a few turns before going away. (Offensive and Defensive battles) Investing in the Medic, Brewer and Cook professions can make the effects last longer or shorter depending.

  • Herbs can be purchased from any Wise Woman, or made by investing in the Medic profession.
  • Drinks can be purchased in any Tavern, or made by investing in the Brewer profession.
  • Food can be purchased in any Inn, or made by investing in the Cook profession.

Updated for v17[edit]