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Clan battles are set up similar to Tournaments, except instead of being between individuals, they are between clans. Battles are a way to help take control of a city, so one of the clans involved will be the ruler of a city.

Declaring a Battle[edit]

In order to challenge the ruling clan for control of a city, the challenger must meet the following requirements:

  • They must be enemies with the ruling clan.
  • The attacking clan must have a Clan Office in the target city.
  • They must have at least 50% of the Ji in the target city as the ruling clan. So if the ruling clan has 2000 Ji, a clan must have at least 1000 Ji of their own. This prevents frivolous attacks from clans that barely have 100 Ji when the ruler is way out of their league.
  • They must have 10% of the coin of the City Bank in their Clan Bank when they declare the attack. So if there's 100 gold in the City's bank, the attacking clan must have 10 gold in their clan bank. This coin is taken upon declaring the attack and will be put into the city bank at the end of the battle, regardless of who wins.
  • They must not be the aggressor in any clan battle that is either ongoing or has finished in the last 24 hours. (But if you rule multiple cities, more than one of them could be attacked by multiple clans at once)

Preparation Time[edit]

If a clan meets all these requirements, they can declare their attack on the city from the City Hall page. There will be a 24 hour period from the declaration of the attack to start of the battle. During this time, control of the city can still change, but when the battle starts, it is locked in with the current ruler, even if it's not the original ruler. The ruling clan during this time can still spend coin from the city bank on City Upgrades. This is also the time to find allies who are willing to support your clan.

In addition, any other eligible clan may declare an attack on the city as well, turning the battle into a 3 or more way battle! So if the Legion of the Dragon decides to attack The White Tower for control of Tar Valon, the DIVAS could decide they want to join in the fun too. Makes the whole thing more chaotic, but higher reward for the winner. Only one side can win, so 2 clans can't gang up on another. If you want to help a clan, you can support them by becoming their ally.

Any clan supporting one of the main clans (the ruling clan or one that has declared an attack) when the battle starts will be locked in with their support and cannot change until the battle is over. The actions of members of any supporting clan will be counted towards the clan they are supporting during the war, but also be more valuable targets than bystanders so some clans may decide it's not worth supporting you anymore. All points earned by supporting clans will only be 50% of what a member of the main clans will get, but every little bit helps.

Battle Period[edit]

Once the 24 hour Preparation Time is over, the battle begins. It will last for another 24 hours. All battles (Duels and NPCs) in the city and the 4 surrounding wilderness areas, by all members of the main clans, and any clan that supports them, will have an effect on the result. Each battle will be weighted slightly differently with some battles being worth more than others. For instance, a duel against a member of the main opposing clan inside the city itself, will earn you more points than a battle against an NPC in one of the surrounding wildernesses.

There are also some effects to the city for the duration of the battle. In the 24 hours where the battle is taking place, all city bonuses are halved. Businesses in that city are slowed by 50% as well. Taxes are still collected, but the ruler does not get their hourly cut. Gold steal bonuses vs. enemies are doubled during the battle as well, for all enemies that are taking part in the battle.

Clan membership for the main clans will also be locked until the battle is over. Leaders will be able to kick people out of their clans, but new members will not be allowed in until the battle is over. Even with an invite.


You can earn points for your clan or allies in a couple ways. To see the current score, go to the City where the battle is, and click the yellow Clan Battle link in the middle of the page. Below is an example of a clan battle score.

Note: The numbers in this table are taken from a battle that took place in v13. The "Ji at Risk" column for the Drifting Leaves clan is empty, because they won. During a battle, there will be a number there of how much Ji they would lose if they were to lose the battle.

Contestant Ji at Risk Score Total From
Duels NPCs Support Participation
Drifting Leaves 0 10713 3768 3962 2235 748
Lost Souls of Aridhol 348 8304 57 3654 225 4368

Duels and NPCs[edit]

(Offensive only)

When completing a duel or an NPC battle in the City with the battle, or any wilderness next to it, you'll receive a score. These points are the main part of each battle. Below is how the points are calculated.

Note: These are used for both NPCs and Duels, but Duels have more points potential.

  • -5 to +5 points from level difference:
= (attacker level - defender level)/2 (max of +/- 5)
  • -5 to +5 points from health difference:
= ((attacker % health remaining)- (defender % health remaining))/20
  • -5 to +5 points from strength difference:
= ((attacker strength)- (defender Strength))/20
  • -4 to +4 points from battle outcome:
= +4 for win; -4 for loss (half if in wilderness)
  • -4 to +4 points if a duel:
= +4 for win; -4 for loss
  • -2 to +2 points if defender is member of other side:
= +2 for win; -2 for loss (half if supporting)
  • -2 to +2 points if defender is leader of other side (main clan only, not supporter):
= +2 for win; -2 for loss (half if subleader)
  • No points awarded for battling on the same side (including Support players that are on your side).
  • If you are in a supporting clan, you only earn 50% of the points a member of one of the main clans earn for the same battle. (so all the points from the above divided by 2, rounded to the nearest point). Note: All support numbers, both duels and NPCs, will only be reflected in the Support column.

Participation Points[edit]

In addition to battle points, people can earn points just by participating. Instead of hiding during the battle, people can stick around and earn their side points, even if they don't have turns to spend.

Here's how participation works:

Every 15 minutes during a battle (every quarter hour), the code determines the location of each member of the main clans in the battle. If the member is in the target city or one of the 4 surrounding wilderness areas and has not moved for 15 minutes, that member earns participation points for their clan. The amount of points that player earns is determined using the following formula:

Participation points = (participating character's level)/(sum of the levels of all players in that clan) x 200

A couple other factors:

  • If the player is a clan leader, they earn an additional 10 points. Subleaders earn an extra 5.
  • If the player is in a wilderness area they only earn half the points they would in a city.
  • No player can earn more than 100 points in a 15 minute period.
  • Each player earns at least 1 point in wilderness area. 2 if they are in a city.
  • No clan can earn more than 200 participation points an hour.

If that's too complicated, here's a simplified version: If you are in a main clan in the battle and you stay in the city of the battle or the surrounding area for a 15 minute period, you earn participation points for your clan. The higher your level, the more points you earn. If your clan's already earned 200 points for that hour, you can't earn any more.

Some examples:

  1. Alcar is a level 100 clan leader in the NVS. The sum of NVS members levels is 800. If he spends a full quarter hour in the clan battle city, he'll earn 35 participation points for his clan ((100 / 800) x 200 + 10).
  2. Rhael is a level 50 subleader of NVS and spends a quarter hour in a wilderness around the city. He earns 8.75 points (((50 / 800) x 200 + 5)/2).
  3. Rasina is a level 100 leader of Ronin on the other side of the battle. The sum of Ronin members is 150. If she spends a full quarter hour in the clan battle city, she would earn 143.3 points ((100/150)x200 +10), but since that's more than 100, all she gets is the 100 points.
  4. King Richard is a puny level 1 regular member in NVS and is parked in a wilderness area. Even though that example is ridiculously unrealistic, if it happened, he would earn 0.125 points, but since that's less than 1 he at least earns 1 point.

Note: These points will be reflected in the Participation column. Also, no supporting clan members will be counted towards participation. Just main clan members.

Support Cap[edit]

Each main clan is limited in the amount of support they can receive. The main clan can only receive as much support as they themselves have earned. Up to 50% of the total score column can be coming from support for each side. Support can equal but not exceed the combined total of the NPC, duel, and participation point columns. If the support clans contribute more than the allowed amount at any time in the clan battle, it will be included in the support column but the excess will not be included in the total score. Should the main clan then gain more points of their own, the excess support will be added to the total score in matching amounts.


Drifting Leaves has earned 200 in participation, 100 in NPC fights, and 100 in Duels. Their contribution to the clan battle is 400. Their support clans have earned a total of 300 points so contribute all 300 to the total score as the support cap is 400 (matching what Drifting Leaves has earned).
Support Clans for Drifting Leaves work hard for the next hour while Drifting Leaves is out of the area. Drifting Leaves still has 400, while support is now listed at 900. The total score is 800 as only 400 of the support column is added in (matching what Drifting Leaves has earned).
Drifting Leaves returns with a vengeance after the show of support with 400 in participation, 800 in NPC fights, and 200 in duels. Their contribution to the clan battle is now 1400. Support is still at 900 from what was previously earned. The total score for Drifting Leaves is now 2300 as all previously earned participation is now being included with the cap raised to 1400.
Drifting Leaves ends the clan battle with 4600 in participation, 7000 in NPC fights, and 400 in duels, for a total of 12000. Their support managed to come in at 13000. The final score for Drifting Leaves for the clan battle is 24000, leaving 1000 of the support in excess.

Reward for Winning[edit]

"Woohoo, I won!!! Gimme that City!"

Whoa. Slow down. Just because your clan wins the battle, doesn't automatically mean the city is now yours. Instead, each clan will have a percentage of their Ji in the city put in a prize pool, as well as a portion of each Ji point won during the Clan Battle. This is where the Ji at Risk column in the above table comes into play. If this number doesn't make up the difference between your clan and the current ruler, you won't take control of the City. You will however, be a lot closer.

Here's how it works:

The Ji prize for winning a clan battle will come from the losing clan. If the clan that started the clan battle wins, 5% of the defending clan's Ji is taken from the defender and goes to the winner. If the defending clan wins, they take 10% of the attacking clan's Ji.

Why twice as much for the defender? Three reasons. First, the attacking clan only needs to have 1/2 the Ji of the ruling clan to declare the battle, so this way the amount of Ji earned is at least as much as if the attacker would have won. The second reason is that the clan that declared the battle knows when the battle will occur and can prepare themselves for it. The defender does not, so they should be rewarded for their efforts. The third reason is to help prevent frivolous battles.

Also, 50% of every Ji earned during the battle by both sides will be added to the prize pool. The other 50% will still go to their clan's score.

Updated for v17[edit]