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There are 3 types of battles: Duels vs other players, battles against NPCs, and fights against Hordes or Armies (essentially large groups of NPCs).

Duels can be initiated from either the Nearby page or the target player's Profile. You must be in the same location as the other player to duel, and there is a wait time of 5 minutes between duels (though that can be shortened by City Upgrades). You may Duel other players in both Cities and Wilderness Areas.

NPCs can only be battled in Wilderness Areas. You can start a battle with a random NPC by clicking the Explore button, or if you have an active NPC quest in that area by clicking the Hunt button. The strength of the NPCs you battle will be generated based on your current level.

Hordes appear once in a while in a random wilderness area, heading for a random city. Players can fight them in those Wilderness Areas by clicking the Horde button, or try to help them by hitting the Army button. Note that fighting a Horde or Army costs 3 turns. If the Horde is not killed within 20 hours, it ransacks the city.

A battle lasts for 12 rounds, in each round one of the participants attacks the other. Normally these rounds just alternate between both participants, but if speed-modifying effects are used, it's possible for one participant to get multiple rounds in a row, which can essentially cost the other participant a round, because the battle still ends after the 12th round. For example, in a battle where one participant is massively faster than the other, the first may get 9 rounds versus 3 for the other participant.

Basic Tips[edit]

Here's a few general tips for getting ready to battle that will help lead you to victory:

  • Use your skill points to raise your skills before going to battle. See Skills page.
  • Use as many of your equip points as possible. The better your gear, the better the results you'll likely have. See Inventory page.
  • Keep your gear repaired. Degraded gear gives you penalties to your % damage and % defense stats. See Blacksmith page.
  • Keep your stamina up. As your stamina lowers, you start getting various stats penalties. See Inn page.
  • Battle players around your level. Players significantly higher than you will have more skill points and equip points and be tough to beat. However, the level of your opponent effects the experience you gain, so battling someone too low will give you less experience.

Stamina Losses[edit]

Battling can reduce your stamina, whether you're attacking or defending. Here is how stamina losses are calculated:

  • 1 Stamina for each loss or tie.
  • 1 Stamina for every 100 health points you lose in the battle (starting health-final health).
  • 1 Stamina if your health reaches 0.

Note: if you're a donor and using 'Double Duel', the stamina losses are also doubled.

Note: Hordes can cause you to lose stamina. Just for moving through an area with an active horde, you will lose 2 stamina, even if your mount is fed and you don't battle.

Accuracy messages[edit]

For every attack, an attack effectiveness is calculated based on a d100 roll and the attack and dodge stats of the participants. This attack effectiveness is then mapped on a few discrete ranges, each represented by a textual description. On a defense report, the average accuracy is represented as a percentage (values below 0 or above 100 are possible due to the effect of attack and dodge).

Attack effectiveness
Critical miss X misses horribly
X flails about wildly
X delivers an easily dodged attack
Glancing hit X comes forward with a predictable attack
X nearly misses completely
X's attack barely makes a scrape
Weak hit X's attack is partially deflected
X's blow has little force behind it
X connects with a glancing blow
Normal hit X attacks
X deals a respectable blow
X connects with a solid hit
Solid hit X gets a lucky hit in
X surges forward
X sends a well placed strike
Strong hit X unleashes the depth of their skill
X launches into a surprising maneuver
X takes advantage of an opening
Critical hit X delivers a staggering flurry of hits
X unleashes a furious assault
X avoids a clumsy block for a devastating attack

For more information on what various stats do during a battle. Please visit the Item Stats page.

Updated for v15[edit]