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The profile page has various stats and information about the character you are looking at.

Bio Tab[edit]

This tab displays lots of general info about the character including:

This tab also has links for a variety of actions, such as:

  • Duel (if not your own profile and character is in same location)
  • Double Duel (only available to Donors)
  • Send Message (if not your own profile)
  • Offer Trade (if not your own profile)
  • Send Clan Invite (if applicable)
  • Make 'Friend' or 'Enemy' (adds link to character that profile on your Watch List list. Visible only to you)
  • View Messages (own profile only)
  • My Quests (own profile only, for quick access to the quests you've created.)
  • Settings (own profile only)

Stats Tab[edit]

(Personal Profile Only)

Shows the various stats and bonuses of your character from all the different sources that effect your stats, including:

  • Total Stats
  • Nation Bonuses
  • Profession Bonuses
  • Clan Bonuses
  • Equipment Stats
  • Skill Stats
  • Stamina Penalties
  • Consumable Stats

Watch List[edit]

(Personal Profile Only)

Too lazy to stalk your prey? Ever wondered if there was a better way? Add them to your enemies list! This is a great way to keep track of friends and enemies alike and see where they are in the world, how many shiny coins they're carrying and if they are online. It can also be a helpful shortcut to their profile page to send messages and trade offers etc.

To add someone to your list, simply go to their profile page and select the Friend or Enemy button in the lower left of the page.

Note: You are limited to 25 names on this this list.

Alt Status[edit]

(Donors Personal Profile Only)

Helps keep track of your alternate characters (alts) by showing:

  • Their Location
  • Purse
  • Level
  • Stamina
  • Turns
  • If they have New Messages
  • If they have new Battle Logs
  • How many of their Businesses are done or inactive.

Accomplishments Tab[edit]

(All character's profiles)

Keep track of all your in game accomplishments, including:

  • Local Ji in all cities.
  • General info about your Character's awesomeness.
  • Battle info about your wins against all the things.
  • Coin related stuff to keep track of your stash. Where it's coming from, where it's been going.
  • Quest info.

Updated for v17[edit]