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To navigate between different pages in the game, use the navbar at the top of the page. Below is a list of what each menu links to.

  • GoS logo - a one click button that will take you to your character's profile.

  • Character Menu -
  • Profile - Shows Player's profile and stats
  • Inventory - Shows Player's inventory
  • Skills - Shows Player's current skills
  • Professions - Shows Player's current profession levels. Also lists players businesses and estates.
  • Quests - Lists current active quests, current player created quests, and option to create a quest
  • Settings - A place to change your players avatar, change passwords or delete the character.

  • World Menu -
  • The city or wilderness area you are currently in.
  • Nearby Players - List of nearby characters
  • All Players - Sort-able list of all player in the game.
  • All Cities - List of all cities and their main info
  • Heroes - Lists of top 10 players in various stats
  • The Ways - Find the quickest way to anywhere in the world.
  • Map - Shows the various cities and their connections to the wilderness areas

  • Local Menu -
  • In a City
  • In a Wilderness Area
  • Explore - Run an NPC battle
  • Hunt - Run an NPC battle for a specific quest target
  • Horde - Battle a horde if one is there.
  • Army - Battle an army if one is there.
  • Estates - Buy and upgrade an estate

  • Messages Menu -
  • Message Center - See your messages, your outbox, send messages as well as an option to compose messages and send trade offers.
  • Battle Logs - Lists your defensive and offensive duels and allows you to replay them.
  • Achievements - View recent achievements, and a list of uncompleted Achievements.
  • Tel'aran'rhiod - Global Chat

  • Clan Menu -
  • Clan - Players clan page or list of clans available to join
OR, your clan's page if you're already in a clan.
  • Clan Vault - Borrow items from your clan.
  • Clan Members - A list of other members in your clan
  • All Clans - A list of all clans in the game

  • Travel Menu - A list of the four available choices for you to travel to from your current location.

  • Forum - See announcements about the game, make suggestions, chat with other players or even Role Play.
  • Wiki - Link to a page on this Wiki describing the page they are currently on.
  • Log Out

Updated for v17